What I should do best

February 23rd, 2010

Days like today I think I am lucky to have my job. I got to cover expedites for the east coast warehouse today. The whole time I was doing that I was thinking about the other person who thought that I was helping her with her expedites, too, and of the new reports my boss wants by Friday. A taste of what it is like to run expedites:

“This order is an emergency! Must ship today! Let me know right away!” (There is no stock anywhere.)

“This order is an emergency. Can we steal the stock from some other order that is not an emergency?”

“This expedite date is not good enough! Get me another date.”

“Is this still going to ship on Friday?”

All such expedites get me mad. I get angry when I think I cannot do what is being asked, or if I am asked to do something unnecessary when I am busy just to make somebody feel better. When my boss pinged me in the afternoon I snarled back “it better be good news.”

Of course expediting is pretty much what my job is supposed to be. So it is a wonder I have stayed employed.

Since you asked

February 2nd, 2010

Right at the end of the day I got an invitation to complete an evaluation of my boss’ coaching skills. He provided my name as someone who could give input for some online evaluation.

Earlier in the day I had talked with him about some of our recent interactions that frustrated me. I did it when I was not currently being frustrated and I think I was pretty able to express the root of my concern without drowning it in pure vexation. Indeed perhaps I was too temperate, since later he gave my name to evaluate his coaching skills. Nearly all of my answers landed on the wrong side of the scale.

The survey was completely anonymous, of course, so I suppose I should be working on my resume now.