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hope in the dark

hope in the dark

ready for the sun


watchful snowdrops

longing for light

light pours in

light pouring in

forsythia in the sun

drink it up

well lit



back-lit snowdrops

single beauty

* * * *

Yes, I know I broke the mold. I couldn’t bear to post them any smaller, and I’ve been meaning to adjust this template wider. Maybe this will actually get me to do that.

A new camera has entered the household, and it makes it very easy to experiment with f-stops and shutter speeds. I always thought that “stuff” was too complicated for me, but I don’t think I’d have ever been able to get these shots without it. Naturally, I’m pleased out of my poor little mind that they came out exactly how I’d wanted them to. My one complaint is that I still sometimes have a hard time getting it to focus on what I want to focus.

None of these photos have been touched up in the least; they’ve just been reduced and compressed for the web. I didn’t think they needed any improvement, apart from sometimes being in better focus. And after the picture has been taken, it’s a little late for that. The one photographer’s trick that I did employ was taking lots and lots and lots of pictures. Like, 60 of them. Those were just my 10 favorite.

And yes, I did take a bit of poetic license calling this post “In the Bleak Midwinter” when, for goodness sake, it’s in the middle of April. But, also for goodness sake, we’re supposedly supposed to have 10 to 16 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. I don’t believe it, in case you’re wondering. But I did think that the flowers looked like they were bravely facing up to the bleak midwinter. They’re surrounded by darkness, but basking in a light all their own, the light of Spring on it’s way.

Here’s three more, for a bonus. They almost made the cut, but didn’t quite fit.


I took this one after I had figured out how to focus better, but by then the lighting had changed, and it lost some of it’s magic. Sharper, but not so radiant.

Under the snowdrops

I liked the angle of this shot. I love seeing the inside of the snowdrops, so often overlooked by the towering human perspective, but really quite captivating. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the breath-taking sunlight catching in it’s petals. I’m pretty sure I could have adjusted the lightness in a photo-editing program, but you know what? There’s no good substitute for the real thing. I could have made the picture lighter, but I couldn’t have shot it through with beams of sunlight. Better luck next time, I guess.

stems in the water

It’s the stems of the snowdrops! The same light as before, but the shutter speed and f-stops have been monkeyed with. I love how it looks like I’m taking a picture underwater, but really it’s just the texture of the glass vase they were in.

And what, you may ask, does any of this have to do with cooking? Nothing. I’m branching out. My life has to do with a lot more than just cook, and it’s giving me mind cramps trying to stay on topic. The barbarians may need their stew, but I’m filling up just fine on these.

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  1. The Weather outside is Frightful. . . . » The Ethereal Voice Says:

    […] _uacct = “UA-1202685-1”; urchinTracker(); Map of the Ethereal Land The Ethereal Voice Front Page – Politics – Money – Knowledge – Art – Food – Fun Masthead About The Weather outside is Frightful. . . . By The Troll | April 15, 2007 – 10:12 pm Posted in Category: Unapproved . . . .But the Flower’s inside are Delightful. (And, Mr. An Editor, those perfect ellipses were just for you. I hope you enjoyed them.) The Troll has pulled her nose out of the stew-pot long enough to notice this: She took lots and lots of pictures, and you can find a small fraction of them here. […]

  2. abigail Says:

    Do you know how can I see pictures on your blogs? I don’t know if it’s firefox or privacy changes or what, but I can’t see any of what I’m sure are lovely shots (judging by their titles, at least).

  3. abigail Says:

    Hip, hip! I can see the pictures, and they are beautiful. To use some empty modifiers, they’re really, really lovely.

    And here’s something that reveals my complete ignorance of photography. I don’t even know what f-stops are. Pretty lame for someone with a blog titled “Shotsnaps,” eh? At least I don’t put on airs…

  4. abigail Says:

    My favorites are the second one of the first grouping and the first of the second grouping, just so you know.

  5. The Troll Says:

    Yay! Glad you can see them now.

    The first one in the second grouping is my favorite, too.

    And roughly, generally speaking (which is all I know at this point) f-stops are how long the shutter is open, appature is how wide the shutter is opened. So with a a faster shutter speed, you don’t have to worry as much about blurry, wiggly pictures, but the “film” doesn’t have as much time to expose, so they can be dark. And vice versa with a slower shutter speed.

    I don’t know as much as I should on appature, except of course that the wider the sutter is opened, the more light it lets in. I think it also has to do with depth of feild (e.g. how much of the picture can be in focus), but I’m not quite sure how that works yet. I need to read more, I guess.

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