Slacking in the face of overload

September 25th, 2009

Toay I took a half day off work. It was secheduled in advance because I have trouble using my vacation if I don’t schedule it in advance, which they have been asking us to do.

Next week I have to give a stop/go recommendation to my boss on one of my biggest projects, the analysis of our late orders. The project pretty much fell apart at the end of June with unexpected problems in the implementation and it has been on the rocks ever since. I have been avoiding it, really, because I don’t know how to fix the problems. It sounds like my boss has already decided to axe it which makes me want to save it.

Of course it sounds like my boss has already decided to give me a number of new projects. In about two weeks I am scheduled to fly out there and meet my new work. I’m excited because I like new problems that I think I can solve in new ways. But I am worrying that my late October experience will be trying to keep four or more big projects going at once.

No word yet on whether my CPIM training will be approved.  This would take a half a day per week of my work time and also some of my own time as well. CPIM certification would allow me to move into planning and scheduling (something with more tangible effect on production facility) and may form a bridge into more technical database work.