I don’t know what to say when nothing goes wrong. Nothing went particularly right, either; it was just a good day without much drama.

Well, I guess there was plenty of drama for the guy that ran into one of the steel posts that keeps the roof up. Did a pretty good job on it. It’s not dented, it’s bent. That guy was down in shipping when I bumped into a post, too. Heh. He beat my high score.

I thought of something cynical to say. My colleague who is on vacation, T.B., is going on her honeymoon this week. It’s been a few months since she was married, which was a few years after she decided to marry her man, so it doesn’t have quite the weight you might first think when you hear “honeymoon.” But nevertheless it is a honeymoon and it does involve reservations. Our esteemed manager tried to get her to reschedule her honeymoon so that he could be off this week, as, with another team member out, we would be shorthanded.

Incredibly, T.B. stuck to her guns. (My boss’s boss and I agree that if you ran T.B. over with a bus, she would thank you.) In the end, our manager and the other team member split the week; he’ll be back tomorrow to cover for C.T.

And T.B.? T.B. was at work today. Yes, on her vacation. Yes, on the week of her honeymoon. To complete some inane online training so that she could check the box on her year-end evaluation. Because she couldn’t find any other time to do it.

Most evenings, she is doing her normal work (that she can’t find time to do during the day). When our boss notices her online, he warns her that she will not be paid for her time. And then he lets her work.

This concludes today’s meditation on whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely.

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