He laughs

There’s a guy at work who laughs every day. Not at any particular time, he just finds something worthy of laughter, without fail. People laugh too much are annoying, but there is plenty of absurd stuff going on and most of the time I would say he has every right to laugh. But I am hardly ever laughing along with him.

I think he’s got it right. Laugh more, stress less. Not that he never gets mad about anything, but if you can laugh you will let off some steam and not poison yourself so much. One of my brothers laughs a lot about the insanity at his work–at least, when I talk to him; maybe at work it’s different.

But laughter is a hard thing to practice. At least, the healthful kind that actually relieves stress is. Even if you can stop, reconsider, and see the humor in a situation, it is too late to laugh about it.

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