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April 3, 2016

About “The Game”

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Only the weak can wage war. If you are strong enough to end everything, there can be no war. There is only the choice between ending everything or constraining yourself by rules. If you are constrained by rules of your own making, you are not waging war. If you strive against another while both of you abide by voluntary rules then you are playing a game.

The six who created “The Game” had only one thing in common to each of them. Each one of them individually could have ended it all but they choose to play a game instead. They created this game so that they might struggle over what it means to be alive and how to deal with the coming end of their dominion without resorting to a war that could not be won.

To this end, they created rules that governed what they could and could not do. They made races of sentient beings. They created rules by which mortals might become immortals and immortals might grow in power. They created strange avatars by which they might influence things without touching them directly. And they called all these things “The Game.”

“The Game” started with thirty six humanoid immortals smashing their way out of stone chrysalis that had formed on thirty six stone beds distributed amongst six unnatural stone halls. These thirty six immortals came into life as one of twelve races distinguished by differing stature, skin color, and gender. Every one of these immortals came into the world wearing unnatural clothes and possessing unnatural powers of various types.

These first immortals had only one thing that was common to all of them. Every one of them could (and still can to this day) form unnatural stone beds and on these stones beds they can raise chrysalis containing naked infants. Yet this power was not without its limits. In a strange mimicry of nature, it takes a male immortal and female immortal that are irrevocably bound to create these child bearing chrysalises. For this reason, all of the thirty six immortals came into the world irrevocably bound to one of the other immortals of the opposite sex. They were the first consorts, and it was through them that the first mortals came into “The Game.”

The mortals came into the world as naked infants who needed their parents help to break their chrysalises. If they managed to escape death these mortal babies grew and matured until they became sexually mature adults.

As mortal adults they were filled with the passions and needs of all animals but their passions bore no fruit as they were sterile. They struggled with deciding what was right and what was wrong as ethics of the various powers warred within them. They strived to avoided death while at the same time struggling with what type of price they were willing to pay to be immortal. In doing these things, they played “The Game” even if they did not want to.

For those that died, “The Game” was over. But for those who managed to avoided death and became immortal “The Game” had just begun. No longer did they struggle to decide what was right and what was wrong. That was irrevocably decided for them the day they became immortal. But now they were like their parents. They had their own unnatural powers and they had the power to bring forth children of their own. And like their parents, they grew in power and strength as they played “The Game” according to the ethics by which they had come into immortality.

And so “The Game” goes on to this day. The number of immortals grows ever more numerous and the immortals are ever growing in strength. And as the numbers of the immortals grows, so too does the number of their mortal children. It is known that this can’t go on forever. “The Game” had a beginning and it must have an end.

But how will it end?

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