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May 1, 2016

The Adelphos

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The Adelphos

Race Type: Alpha Male Race.

Race Created By: Malakhi/ Libertas/ Dionysus

Body structure: Generally tall and extremely lean (To the point of being gaunt in some cases).

Facial Structure: Generally wide noses, thick lips, and hard lean faces.

Skin Color: Dark Red. Generally darker reds such as you find in the sky at dusk or dawn but can vary.

Hair/Beards: Hair is generally coarse and curly. Beards range from thick short curly beards to not being able to grow a beard at all.

Hair Colors: White, Yellow, and Red. Various shades of all colors except white. That is always pure.

Eye Colors: Black, Blue, and Green. The complete eye is colored. No whites of the eye.

Other identifying features: None.

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