Sometimes the problem you get is not the problem you expect

News reports are pouring in regarding the recent riots in Iran. From the Houston Chronicles we read…..

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranians smashed shop windows and set fire to a dozen gas stations in the capital Wednesday, angered by the sudden start of a fuel rationing system that threatens to further increase the unpopularity of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Police were sent to guard some stations after the violence, and there was calm during the day as motorists lined up to fill their tanks under the new restrictions.

The government had been warning for weeks that rationing was coming, but the announcement of its start just three hours before the plan took effect at midnight Tuesday startled people and sent them rushing to get one last fill-up.

The rationing is part of a government attempt to reduce the $10 billion it spends each year to import fuel that is then sold to Iranian drivers at less than cost, to keep prices low.

What if everyone has been fearing he wrong problem. Maybe the real threat to world’s prosperity comes not from Iran’s nuclear weapons but from Iran’s complete collapse. Has anyone thought about what a collapse in Iran would look like?

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