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A snarky reading of this would be “Conservatives have always been more right then liberals” but that would be mean to Benjamin Rush who did his best. Having send that, many conventional treatments for Covid pushed by doctors (like ventilators) have also shown themselves to be harmful so that is also a parallel. Americans Have Always Politicized Public Health

Not in the Bee. Minnesota Governor and Media Blame White Nationalists and Russians for Riots

Russians are scary I guess. Riot Police, National Guard ‘Completely Abandon’ Perimeter in Minneapolis, Chased Away by Protesters

All those people who were up in arms because protesters against the lock down were literally killing people are strangely silent. Mayor Frey Gives Masks to Rioters But Says Opening Churches Would Be a ‘Public Health Disaster’ and also De Blasio backs George Floyd protests despite coronavirus gathering ban

If they were changed every hour and people did not pull them down to talk they might help. But that is never going to happen. More evidence masks are merely a symbolic gesture

Fang Fang’s “Wuhan Diary”

After day of fiery protests, uneasy calm in Seattle

Coming soon to a broke city/town near you? New Speed Limit Turns DC Into Giant School Zone

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I don’t know why they don’t lead with “Russia and Iran struggle over the control of Syria. Once you get to the end, that seems to be the theme. A Bitter Feud over Power and Money Erupts in Syria

Russia Sent Warplanes to Back Mercenaries in Libya: US Military

India’s heartland states battle the worst locust attack in 27 years: What does it mean for the economy?

Tension mounts in Ladakh as China brings in more troops; India maintains aggressive posturing

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And now the bill comes due. Italy Enters Chapter Two of the Corona Crisis

Something you will not see in the normal news. Explosive Revelations in the Flynn Case

At least in this country all they do is take down the post if it is wrong think. We still have a ways to go. Chinese internet users who uploaded coronavirus memories to GitHub have been arrested

They are using that magic word and they have letters after there name and they are publishing in paper read by a lot of voters in NY. We can hope it will start to change things Science says: It’s time to start easing the lockdowns

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A reminder of what real pandemics are like. We could still have one someday. Imagine how well we would handle it. Invisible Little Worms

Lots of charts about something you already know. Nearly all NYC coronavirus patients had underlying health conditions, study finds

All the panic about not having enough ventilators when they don’t help much. Nearly all Covid-19 patients put on ventilators in New York’s largest health system died, study finds

I wish I could believe this was false. Poll: 8 in 10 Americans Favor Strict Shelter-in-Place Orders To Limit Coronavirus’ Spread, and Most Say They Could Continue to Obey Such Orders for Another Month or Longer

They say 5 times deadlier then the flu like it was something horrible but not too long ago people saying that it was only 5 times worse were considered naive. New York City antibody survey reveals more than a FIFTH residents have been infected and mortality rate is FIVE TIMES deadlier than the flu

This was a choice. Coronavirus-Induced Food Supply Disruptions Hitting Farmers, Poor Consumers

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BALI & COVID19 — an involuntary experiment in epidemiology & immunology

Snohomish County Washington Sheriff: “The Governor’s Plan is No Plan At All”

The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation

Trying to scare people and I have no doubt that a lot of people are coming down with it. But how many people are actually dying? You can read the entire thing and come up with the answer of one or two. Coronavirus at meatpacking plants worse than first thought, USA TODAY investigation finds

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This was a choice (The threat is to safe drinking water, not the water itself): Coronavirus-driven CO2 shortage threatens US food and water supply, officials say

A series of points that the pro-lockdown don’t want to face. Lockdown Socialism will collapse

The May contract for U.S. West Texas intermediate crude oil (CL=F), which expires on Tuesday, erased its entire value — plunging below zero for the first time in history before settling at -$37.63 per barrel.

Sweden Says Controversial Virus Strategy Proving Effective

The below clip is interesting if you want to hear an expert tell you what you already know.

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Emergency Powers Forever. ‘Significant’ coronavirus mutation discovered, could make vaccine search ‘futile,’ study says

I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, but just remember this when people compare our case load with other countries. I don’t think anyone else does it this way. US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests

Price controls caused a large part of the problem. Why There Aren’t Enough Masks, and How to Get More

I have been more or less ignoring this but it shocked me when the Washington Post got involved. They are a pain to link to so here is this instead. Sources believe coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US

I guess they all want to kill Grandma and have no soul. Fed-Up Michiganders Stage Massive Protest Against Whitmer’s One-Size-Fits-All Lockdown Also this When Will The Riots Begin?

File this one under things that I hope are true. The Lockdown Is Loosening Whether Government Likes It Or Not

Glad we don’t have to find out if they can get worse. Frontier files for bankruptcy, says its broadband service won’t get any worse

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This was a choice. GOP Rep. Massie Warns US is ‘Weeks Away, Not Months,’ From Food Shortages

Another study that might go away because it is wrong think. Covid-19 epidemiological models and the Lombardy data

Power is hard to give up. California’s coronavirus reopening: Gavin Newsom’s six-point plan will alter daily life

By all published measures, Japan has been doing one of the best jobs of any country in the world. And still, the “public” wants more. Japan losing patience with government over COVID-19 response

Another study that no one will pay attention to. Taking STEM Courses Online Is Just As Good As In-Person Classes, Study Finds

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This was very clarifying and well worth reading. In particular, this part cleared up a mystery for me from other reports…..

To look at immunity takes a while. For example, with swine flu we didn’t really know how many people had been infected for nearly 12 months after the event because you have to give everyone’s immune systems time to respond and it takes weeks before you get that secondary response. What you are looking for in tests to check immunity is for antibodies. There’s an immediate immune response, which says there’s a virus in your cells. From that innate response your body builds on that so that next time you meet the virus you should be immune, but it could be a month down the line before you have a proper IGb (immunoglobulin) response.

They don’t have a choice. They are running out of places to put the oil. Even the ships are filling up. OPEC and allies agree to cut oil production to nearly 10 million barrels a day

Kentucky State Police record churchgoers’ license plates at Hillview in-person Easter service Related: DOJ: ‘Expect Action’ to Protect Churches From Tyrannical Local ‘Social Distancing’ Orders

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COVID-19 Deaths in Europe: Excess Mortality is – DOWN?

Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With Fear of Looting, Riots

Comet Atlas is racing toward the inner solar system, and it could become the brightest comet seen in the night sky in over two decades. The comet, discovered by an observatory designed to protect Earth from asteroids, may even be visible during the day just two months from now.

Saudi Arabia to raise oil exports to record high

India earlier this month restricted the export of 26 pharmaceutical ingredients and the medicines made from them, including acetaminophen — a common pain reliever. India, the world’s leading supplier of generic drugs, is a key source for active pharmaceutical ingredients used to produce a range of medicines.

Drivers funneled through roadblock by police impostors during COVID-19 Pandemic