It Just Knows

Lies, Damned Lies, and Manometer Readings

“It just knows.”

The senior HVAC technician I’d been working with on a home remodel answered with the conviction of decades of experience. I, on the other hand, was less certain. How could a new furnace “know” that it had just been connected to a 20-year-old air conditioner (from a competing brand), somehow read that unit’s cooling capacity, and then calibrate its own output to the precisely required airflow? In a bid to reconcile the reading on my manometer with the tech’s supposed savvy, I asked whether he was certain. He was, he told me, quite positive. “Tell you what,” he said. “If I’m wrong, then there’s probably 200 air conditioners in Princeton with bad airflow. And that can’t be right.”

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Ukraine Situation Report: U.S. Warns Of Looming “Catastrophic” Arms Shortage

Another One Of Russia’s Prized A-50 Radar Planes Shot Down, Ukraine Claims

MV Rubymar Leaking Oil, Taking on Water After Houthi Missile Strike


At the peak of the post-war baby boom in Italy, in 1964, there were a million births. In 2008, 600,000 babies were born; last year it was 400,000. That’s a fall of a third in the past fifteen years alone.

“Members of Parliament now feel that they have to vote in a certain way in order to safeguard their safety and that of their family,” Tory MP Sir Charles Walker said during the debate. “That is a far bigger issue than the debate we are having tonight because if people are changing their votes or their behavior in this place because they are frightened of what may happen to them or their family out there, we have a real problem.”

Port of Los Angeles Head Sees Risk from China-Made Cranes

Are leading scientists just making stuff up? Vinay Prasad breaks down the cancer research scandal.

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Myanmar’s Spring Revolution is Redefining 21st-Century Warfare

Milei Secures Argentina’s First Budget Surplus Since 2012 After Only One Month In Office

I was told today the the local utility company could not communicate with any of their techs because of this. At some point in the day, that changed but it was an interesting few hours in the morning. Today’s AT&T cellular network meltdown was a reminder. It’s going down when we least expect it. More: AT&T acknowledged the outage to CNBC, telling the network that it was “working urgently to restore service” to customers and that it recommended Wi-Fi calling until service could be restored.

Lawmakers there and in other Democratic states with nation-leading climate objectives — like New York and Massachusetts — are scrambling to make their transitions from fossil fuels affordable before they face an all-out ratepayer revolt. The problem is more pressing in an election year when Republicans say Democrats don’t pay enough attention to Californians’ ability to afford the high costs of daily life.

California’s Budget Deficit Is Even Worse Than Originally Projected

Investigators fault Pittsburgh for poor inspection, maintenance of bridge that collapsed

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Iran Just Delivered Hundreds Of Iranian Ballistic Missiles To Russia

Claims of Russian Space Nuke Hint at Signs of a New Arms Race

Not sunk yet as other sources said. Houthi-Hit ‘Rubymar’ Faces Unknown Fate

Israel facts of the day

Sealift: a Tragedy of Numbers

U.S. Cattle Inventory to Lowest Levels Recorded in 73 years

Officials Declare Emergency as Rare “Zombie Deer” Disease Spreads through U.S.

Let’s consider a few possible arguments why Biden should not step down

ChatGPT goes temporarily “insane” with unexpected outputs, spooking users

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North Korean Missile Used In Ukraine Was Packed Full Of U.S. Parts

Polish farmers block Ukraine border in grain import protest

Escape to Egypt: Did Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar flee Gaza?

Germany: Is it better to spend on defense or on welfare?

Bukele’s Kingdom of Dreams

Newsworthy because of who is saying it as much as for what is being said. It’s time for the White House to put up or shut up

Indicted ex-FBI informant admitted Russian intelligence officials passed along the Hunter Biden bribery story, prosecutors say

True but a good case could be made that both our healthcare and our education are overpriced compared to much of the world. Both rightists and leftists assume that the U.S. spends far lower to combat social problems (poverty, healthcare, education) than peer nations, but that is not true.

Biden to Slow Swift Transition to Electric Cars in EPA’s Revised Tailpipe Emissions Regulation

Hochul’s Plan to Close Prisons Faces a Fight

Court blocks $1 billion copyright ruling that punished ISP for its users’ piracy

Study finds link between too much niacin intake and heart disease

This is the type of thing that “AI” is arguably good at and it seems like they took care to guard against the typical AI failures in this type of thing. That said, it is hardly a great discovery. Neural network model identifies distinct brain organization patterns in women and men

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Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Claims Six Russian Jets Downed In Three Days

Russian pilot who defected found dead in Spain, says Ukraine security agency

EU: Emissions trading begins to bite

Navy Has Fired Around 100 Standard Series Missiles At Houthi Drones, Missiles

Bulk Carrier Abandoned Following Houthi Missile Attack Latest reports are saying that it sunk but they are on “X”.

IAEA chief says Iran bulking up stockpile of nearly weapons-grade uranium
I still don’t think there is enough panic over this. This analysis assumes interests rates will more or less stay the same which is not the historical norm for this level of debt growth “Spending on Social Security will grow from $1.5 trillion this year to $2.5 trillion by 2034, while spending on health care will grow from $1.6 trillion to $2.8 trillion,” a Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget analysis found. “Net interest costs will more than double from $870 billion this year to $1.6 trillion by 2034, after costs nearly doubled between 2020 and 2023. Interest on the debt is the fastest growing part of the budget and will be the second largest government expenditure this year, surpassing both defense and Medicare.”

President Trump’s Kafkaesque Civil Trial in New York State and Legitimacy of Trump’s New York Business Ban Questioned by MSNBC Host

San Francisco Appoints First Noncitizen to Serve on Elections Commission

Please bear in mind that I have not lived or practiced in Massachusetts for over 25 years. I have no medical license there. I have no property there. I wouldn’t know a Massachusetts patient if I tripped over one. What jurisdiction could they possibly have? Maine was once part of Massachusetts, but it became a separate state in 1819. Surely the Massachusetts Medical Board doesn’t think Maine is still their chattel? According to Mr. Bouton, I have an “inchoate right” to ask to reactivate my medical license in Taxachusetts, not that I would want to, and this whisper, this zephyr of a right is what allows the Board and its Bouton to come after me.

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Denmark to send its ‘entire artillery’ to Ukraine, the country’s prime minister says

On Iranian commander’s request, Iraqi terrorists dial down attacks on US

Mobs Of Violent African Migrants Riot, Attack Police In Holland

Reports on “X” are making it sound like this is the worst attack yet with the crew having to abandon ship. UK-Registered Cargo Ship Reported Under Attack In Bab al-Mandab Strait

Get Out of New York, If You Can

The birth of a (pseudo) currency

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Russian Military Objectives and Capacity in Ukraine Through 2024

Russian Space EMP Weapons Reportedly The “Serious National Security Threat” Referenced By House Intelligence Chairman

Yemen’s Houthis Claim Missile Attack On Oil Tanker In Red Sea

How Prepared Is the German Defense Industry?

Official data has reports Japan economy in 2023 was $4.2 trillion in 2023, while Germany’s was $4.5 trillion. The U.S., the world’s largest economy, is expected to grow 5.8% to $26.94 trillion. China’s economy, the world’s second-largest, is forecast to shrink 1.0% to $17.7 trillion.

The US is an energy exporter, the other countries that are in recession are energy importers. Why is that reason not mentioned? Recession has struck some of the world’s top economies. The US keeps defying expectations

Talk is cheap. Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday

Florida Cop Empties His Gun, Runs For Cover After Acorn Falls On Car Video overview here.

My understanding from those that have been experimented upon as physicians, that as you are completing the visit, the computer will then begin demanding that you order this or that test because its AI is also a diagnostician and feels that those tests are critical. It will also not let you close the note until you have queried the patient about surveillance stuff – ie vaccines and colonoscopy, even for visits for stubbed toenails. And unlike now when you can just turn that stuff off, it is in control and watching and listening to your every move.

Ukraine Announces Full Withdrawal from Avdiivka

From what I understand from various sources, the primary causes of the fall were lack of artillery shells on the Ukrainian side, a heavy fog that rolled in for a few days that kept the drone from being effective, and lots and lots of very large glide bombs lobed from long range by Russian aircraft. Even with all of those things the losses were absolutely horrendous on the Russian side as you can see recounted from a Russian source here (you have to keep clicking through on the side to get to get all of it). A list of all the different Russian formations that played a roll can be found here.

The below video gives you the news and overview

This gives you background on the reasons for giving up….