Rant of the Week: 4/27/08 – 5/3/08

Who’s going to step up and defend a cult that practices polygamy? Who is going to argue that children should be raised in such an environment? We must confess that we cannot find it in ourselves to defend either point.

But we must confess that it seems to us that Vox Day has a point when he argues that raid on the compound of a Mormon sect was hypocritical and immoral. His comparison of instances of underage pregnancy within the sect to rate of population at large in Texas is particularly damming. But we must imagine that he could have strengthened his argument even more if he had laid his hands on statistics showing how children in the tender embrace of child protection agencies turn out.

North Korean News

The YouTube Clip below has been in the news a lot lately. If you have not seen it, you might want to watch it. It is the CIA’s explanation of the target that Israel destroyed in Syria awhile back. It publicly accuses North Korea and Syria of conspiring together to make atomic weapons.

In related news, The Times reports….

An airbase inside a mountain is the latest sign that North Korea, whose links to Syria’s nuclear programme came to light last week, is cranking up its military machine

North Korean military engineers are completing an underground runway beneath a mountain that can protect fighter aircraft from attack until they take off at high speed through the mouth of a tunnel.

The 6,000ft runway is a few minutes’ flying time from the tense front line where the Korean People’s Army faces soldiers from the United States and South Korea.

The project was identified by an air force defector from North Korea and captured on a satellite image by Google Earth, according to reports in the South Korean press last week.

It is one of three underground fighter bases among an elaborate subterranean military infrastructure built to withstand a “shock and awe” assault in the first moments of a war, the defector said.

Three Links to Brighten Your Day

The first link comes from Soma. Now before you click on the link a little context is in order. Soma advertise itself as the only English language Kurdish newspaper around. We shall have to take there word for it as we don’t really feel like fact checking that fact. According to the blogger over at Live a Life Worthy…..

On the back page of every paper, these two men have a chat about…well, everything. Their conversation rambles and jumps and rabbit-trails, never to return.

But we think that anyone who has ever followed a conversation in the Ethereal Land will have no trouble following the logic of conversation on the back page of Soma.

Our second link comes from Doctor Bob. Let us just say that some people should not self medicate.

Our third link does not really need to be read in its entirety. We are just brining it up because it articulates a philosophy that we share. Namely….

See, I can be reasonable. All I ask is that the bureaucrats paid to harass me and violate my privacy do it with a bit of irony, and I’m willing to play ball. Irony about the crappitude of the situation gets me in a good mood. Giving orders and pulling the loyal citizen BS gets me in a bad mood.

How to Add “StumbleUpon” and More

For some time I have wondered how one went about adding a “Stumble This” link to blog posts. However, I didn’t wonder enough to take the time to look it up. Then I recently stumble upon (ha ha) some directions. As it happens, the website also has directions for implementing a few other services as […]

A child’s sex is associated with a mother’s diet

From the New York Times….

The report, from researchers at Oxford and the University of Exeter in England, is said to be the first evidence that a child’s sex is associated with a mother’s diet. Although sex is genetically determined by whether sperm from the father supplies an X or Y chromosome, it appears that a mother’s body can favor the successful development of a male or female embryo.

The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, shows a link between higher energy intake around the time of conception and the birth of sons. The difference is not huge, but it may be enough to help explain the falling birthrate of boys in industrialized countries, including the United States and Britain.

The reason food intake may influence the development of one sex of infant rather than another isn’t fully understood. However, in vitro fertilization studies show that high levels of glucose encourage the growth of male embryos while inhibiting female embryos.

Someone in the comments wondered if this meant that diabetic mothers had more male children.

Little Changes Can Save Big Money

From For Construction Pros……

UPS says that in 2007 it saved itself 3 million gallons of gas by routing trucks using a technology that emphasizes safety and efficiency — meaning delivery routes are planned as a series of loops with as few left turns as possible. UPS says it’s a safer driving practice because drivers aren’t turning in front of oncoming traffic as often, and it saves fuel because they spend less time idling in left-turn lanes waiting to turn.