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Iowa Democratic Party releases 85% of caucus results but an error forces correction

DHS suspends New Yorkers from Global Entry, other programs

Don’t #BelieveAllWomen: The Truth About Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The below clip is of interest because it is easy to assume that the superior speed of the “hero” was the result of camera tricks. I had to slow the video way down to see how he did this (and only after reading how much work he put in to making that happen)

Links for Today

Interesting considering the source: Secret Iranian Spy Cables Show How Qassim Suleimani Wielded His Enormous Power in Iraq

For those of you who were curious like me about what all shock and fuss was about but did not want to watch the thing. You have to scroll down a bit. Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes 2020 opening monologue in full – and all his best jokes from the night

The inside story of how Iran’s top general was followed by his enemies from Damascus to Beirut, before meeting his demise in Baghdad