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Public Pensions’ Lost Decade

Vladimir Putin is toying with Germans by further reducing gas flows from Russia. Companies are worrying about a potential financial abyss as politicians do what they can to prevent the worst this winter.

China’s defense ministry issues fresh, rare warning ‘action the most powerful language’ over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit; reinforces resolve

NY Judge Tosses State Quarantine Camp Law Declaring It Unenforceable

China Advances Into Bhutan’s Doklam; India Watches

CDC warns deadly bacteria detected in U.S. for 1st time

Scientists Are Perplexed by Mysterious Holes They Keep Finding on The Ocean Floor

Hershey warns it won’t be able to meet demand for Halloween candy

Mayor Bowser calls for National Guard to deal with migrants, citing the ‘volume of arrivals’

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Pentagon official warns China’s ‘aggressive’ behavior in the South China Sea could lead to a ‘major incident or accident’

Manchin Backs Climate Bill In Stunning U-Turn

NY business owners “shocked” slapped with surcharge to help state pay back federal loans

Grandma Gatewood

German industry has started shutting down

Scenes From China’s Slow-Motion Collapse

The Chinese Entity That Could Change The Iron Market Forever

Puzzles deepen in the context of Shabaab’s attempted Ethiopian invasion

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U.S. officials grow more concerned about potential action by China on Taiwan

Senate report: Chinese officials attempted to infiltrate the Fed for over a decade

China’s property sales are set to plunge 30% — worse than in 2008, S&P says

This for the the US: Pending home sales fell 20% in June versus a year earlier as mortgage rates soared

PM Justin Trudeau has decided to move forward with his cap on nitrogen emissions by reducing fertilizer use even as provincial Agriculture Ministers beg him to stop.

Bangladesh Seeks IMF Support to Ride Out Financial Crisis

Sri Lanka Is Facing An Energy Catastrophe

U.S. public health agencies generally don’t test wastewater for signs of polio. That may have given the virus time to circulate silently before it paralyzed a New York man.

Dietary Supplement Cuts Risk of Hereditary Cancer by 60%, Scientists Find

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Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle in Unprecedented Numbers Due to the Drought, and That Has Enormous Implications for 2023

Germany: Stockpiling wood in fear of gas shortage

When Venezuela Starved, Fruit Helped Keep Us Alive.

Sri Lanka Introduces New Fuel Rationing Scheme

UK reduced to begging Belgium for electricity

Real-Time Statistics on Europe’s Gas Supplies

Just an update on South Africa: Blackouts continue, and the people are not happy:

FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications

Amazon Bans the Sale of Opaque Mylar Food Storage Bags…to “Combat Drug Trafficking”

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Why Are People Across China Refusing to Pay Their Mortgages?

Canada’s ‘expert’ panel recommends the mentally ill be candidates for euthanasia

Deutsche Bank says Germans should use less gas any which way they can. Their new report suggests they use more hard coal and lignite for power stations, wood for home heating, and use oil in industry. That’s sparked a debate on the merits of using wood.

A liberal speaking blasphemy. Education Doesn’t Work 2.0

Please stop saying hot drinks cool you down

Picture showing the cause of the problem looks like how I spend my day and I don’t have the excuse of a ruck. Un-Ruck Yourself

“Demand is cooling — it should lower prices for certain things, like cars.”

Zelenskiy fires Ukraine’s spy chief and top state prosecutor

Computer chips face toilet paper hoarding moment as shortage turns to glut

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The big default? The dozen countries in the danger zone

The staples of life are out of reach for many now. Not only has the number of bread bundles decreased in weight, but their cost has also increased by 550%.

Defunding the Police Has Backfired in Seattle as They Now Scramble to Hire More Cops

I am referring to lowering academic standards for black students and faculty in order to promote racial progress, a Weltanschauung in which the path to racial equality lay through education and, ultimately, the act of recruiting as many black students as possible and ensuring that they graduated.

Gas Prices, a Big Inflation Factor, Are Coming Down

Where is there more livestock than people?

US agencies aren’t ‘following the science’ on COVID — and staff are too scared to complain

Sex Changes Now a Funded, Fundamental Right In California

The Odessa water outage underscores a growing problem: Aging pipes in Texas cities are getting more fragile