An overview of the Yom Kippur War on Video…

If you know nothing about the Yom Kippur war, you should watch this video. It provides a good and reasonable fair minded overview of the war.

I found no information that was new to me on the video, but I did appreciate seeing video footage of how the Egyptians cut passes in the sand wall. It was something that was always hard for me to understand when I read about it.

Poem of the week: 3/25/07-3/31/07

The poem this week does not go with the essay at all. Though I suppose you could say that it does speak of something like value. But “How inadequate the howl” is one of my favorite poems by Andrew.

I would have preferred to write a proper essay to accompany the poem before I made it Poem of the Week. But Andrew’s site has a tendency to go down, so I figure that people ought to read this while they have a chance.

I suppose this old essay will have to do for an accompaniment…..

Rant of the Week: 3/25/07-3/31/07

Few things cause people to behave more irrationally then oil. It is drug that every one is on. But funny thing is that few of us seem to love the pushers (i.e. the oil companies). So you have this weird situation were everyone wants cheap oil and yet all of the problems associated with the pursuit of cheap oil they want to blame on the oil companies.

In this week’s rant, Robert Rapier pours scorn on some people’s irrational hatred of their suppliers.