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These Are the Highest Resolution Photos Ever Taken of Snowflakes

Why Scientists Are Very Worried About The Variant From Brazil

Cool story. But there is a lot about it that rings really false. I don’t doubt the CIA did something like this but I really doubt they got what this article claims they got out of it. Lunik: Inside the CIA’s audacious plot to steal a Soviet satellite

Hedge Fund Manager Claims Victim Status; Claims “We Have to Work Together and Pull Together”

Scariest Headline Of the Year (although to be fair they did not quote her exactly right): Yellen: I Don’t See a Financial Crisis Occurring ‘In Our Lifetimes’

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The World Is Dangerously Dependent on Taiwan for Semiconductors

Losses top $70 billion on short positions in U.S. firms – Ortex data

Damning Report from Democratic NY Attorney General Confirms Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal

Anon Is Alive and Well in Japan

Judge’s reasoning seems to imply that a person earning less then 6 figures would have gone to jail. BREAKING: Government Agent Whose Altered Email Enabled the Russia Hoax Won’t Spend a Day in Jail or Pay Any Fine

Google Blocked Ads From Legal Group Opposing Democrats’ Supreme Court-Packing Plan

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In a blowout comedy for the ages, finance pirates take it up the clacker

Somehow, these are not the cases that spark riots even though they are worse then anything that the rioters complained about. After breaking into Tuttle’s home with no legal justification, police killed his dog and his wife.

After Claiming He’s ‘Not a Fan,’ Biden Forms a Commission to PACK the Supreme Court

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China risks a Himalayan water war with India

The German foundation “for environmental protection” will absorb the heat of U.S. sanctions such as freezing assets, as it does not have commercial plans beyond the pipeline. As a result, the real stakeholders will be unharmed – at least in theory. This operation’s success will largely depend on the Biden administration’s willingness to sanction Germany over Nord Stream 2.

Hundreds arrested after riots in 10 cities in the Netherlands

Bad man is gone so everything is all right.

Saudi Arabia Is On The Brink Of Losing Control Of Oil Markets

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The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming

WaPo Caught Stealth Editing 2019 Story About Kamala Harris Mocking Prisoners Begging for Food and Water

ABC’s ‘This Week’ edits out Schumer’s unfortunate Trump gaffe on Senate floor

This was known for a long time and reported by the wrong outlets. But know that things have changed in Washington, the right people can say it as well. Critics have widely asserted that the CDC fumbled key decisions during the coronavirus scourge because then-President Donald Trump and his administration meddled in the agency’s operations and muzzled internal experts. The matter is now the subject of a congressional inquiry. Yet Reuters has found new evidence that the CDC’s response to the pandemic also was marred by actions – or inaction – by the agency’s career scientists and frontline staff.

I wounder how many issues this applies to (assuming the results hold up). NSAIDs might exacerbate or suppress COVID-19 depending on timing, mouse study suggests

One giant issue is ignored in this essay and that is that people keep going to these places voluntarily. Gulf slave society

Will Biden Lift Sanctions On Venezuela?

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How the QAnon Cult Stormed the Capitol

How Wolves Are Driving Down Mountain Lion Populations

Cases of the flu are so low this winter that the CDC hasn’t provided estimates.

Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order


Gov. Noem never shut down South Dakota. Their unemployment rate just dropped to 3.0%. That’s lower than it was BEFORE the pandemic.

California ranks last in administering vaccine doses,

3 Harmful Consequences of Biden Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline

Blinken warns Nile Dam talks could ‘boil over’

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Slouching Toward Post-Journalism

‘Exercise protein’ doubles running capacity, restores function and extends healthy lifespans in older mice

Demographically speaking, this is also worse because it is young people dying from this. 699 people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco last year compared to 235 from COVID-19

I have been wondering about this one. In the Last House Race Undecided, the Republican Leads by 29 Votes

Federal minimum wage of $15?