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Reading between the lines, Hezbollah (which the Cradle is affiliated with) is not happy about this which is a little odd. Guess who is going to be hardest hit if this grain don’t go through? Maybe they think they can make hay off of the resulting problems? Turkey to press on with Ukraine grain deal despite Russia’s withdrawal

East Coast Diesel Prices Are Soaring

Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.

For once the headline undersells the story. This is more like escape and evasion type fleeing. Not the type where everyone gets in their car and drives because they are worried about a storm. China Braces For Covid Wave As Foxconn Staff Flee Zhengzhou

Twilight of the Tigris: Iraq’s mighty river drying up

Lula Wins Brazilian Election, but Bolsonaro Does Not Concede

Looming Copper Shortage Could Slow The Global Energy Transition

The Bee don’t only mock liberals. Report: Jesus Is Aware That Your ‘Harvest Festival’ Is Really A Halloween Party

How War in Ukraine is Destroying Russia

Basically a Peter Zeihan argument toned down for normal people. Title is a little bit click bate as the destruction of Russia and Ukraine has been baked into the numbers for a long time now (I wrote about it at least a decade ago. To lazy to go back and look at the actual date). That said, the war in Ukraine certainly is speeding the process up for both countries.

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In the grips of war, Ukraine faces bleak demographic future

Threat of Nationwide Railroad Strike Grows after 2nd Union Rejects Proposed Deal

75% Of US Winter Wheat Suffers From Drought

Flu season in the US hasn’t been this bad this early in more than a decade. Related: Second child to die from flu this season reported in Texas

Debate over possible acetaminophen-autism link heads to court

New Technique For Decoding People’s Thoughts Can Now Be Done From a Distance

Even Greenpeace now admits the obvious: recycling doesn’t work.

How nuclear weapons work

I did not learn anything from the below video but most of what I already to know about the effects nuclear weapons is in this report. So if you watch it and retain it, you will pretty much know as much as me about the effects of nuclear weapons for what that is worth (other areas of the video are a little weaker, at least compared to what I know).

I think the most important thing to learn from this video (if you don’t already know it) is why all your standard Covid PPE gear actually makes sense to use if faced with the fallout from the dreaded bomb. Keep this in mind when you are going through the boring (at least to me) physics at the start of the video. If you don’t have some understanding of that, you will not understand why a dust mask and some kind of eye protection is worth wearing if you have to deal with a post bomb environment. You will also not understand why it is fairly easy to guard yourself against significant portions of the radiation produced by the bomb. These things used to be discussed more but nowadays people only know radiation=panic.

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RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, OCTOBER 29 Related to the main story of the update.

To assess Reid’s interpretation, we sent key documents to experts on CCP communications. They told us that the WIV dispatches did indeed signal that the institute faced an acute safety emergency in November 2019; that officials at the highest levels of the Chinese government weighed in; and that urgent action was taken in an effort to address ongoing safety issues.

Mansour Abbas: Arab-Israeli political trailblazer

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Russia Now Has a Second Frontline Set Up Just to Kill Its Deserters

Lost In Lies: Keeping Track Of Russian Propaganda Claims

Is China’s GDP Overstated By 60%?

Credit Suisse is One of 13 Too-Big-to-Fail Banks in Europe, But It Looks Like It Could Be Failing

Japan to citizens: Get a digital ID or health insurance gets harder

EU Finalizes Ban On Gasoline And Diesel Cars From 2035

The Global Semiconductor Shortage Is Now Becoming A Glut

How a Diesel Shortage Could Cripple the U.S. Economy

Biden Administration Wants To Make It Easier To Seize Crypto Without Criminal Charges

Ancient Maya cities were dangerously contaminated with mercury

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US Hurries Upgraded Nuclear Bomb Fielding in Europe

Russian Oil Is Amassing In Asian Ports

Blasphemy is dead. Long live blasphemy

On Tuesday night, Pennsylvanians were treated to a grotesque, voyeuristic spectacle they should not have had to witness.

More detail then provided by the last link. It seems to me that even if this logic is upheld by higher courts it will not apply to State employees as they were not fired unless it was required by Federal regulations that also applied to the private sector (a big part of this ruling seems to be based on disparity of treatment between private and public sector employees). A New York state Supreme Court has ordered that all New York City employees who were fired for refusing a Covid vaccine be reinstated with back pay.

Lots of people in the comment section trying to make excuses. But in reality, this graphic is too chartable by far. After all, Seattle is still in the design phase and construction is unlikely to go as planned if it even happens. Space Race Versus Seattle Crawl

Is this a metaphor for American’s future? Does woke lead to a messianic great man who comes to rescue us? Frank Herbert claims he wrote the Dune series in part to warn us about messianic great men even when they seemed to be needed…. Elon Musk fires Twitter’s top brass after closing $44 billion deal Related: According to a released article in Time Magazine, Twitter employees have drafted a letter containing several ‘demands.’ In addition to demanding they are not fired, they demand assurances against discrimination for their political beliefs.

Parts Of Europe Are Running Out Of Diesel