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When Russian troops fled the Ukrainian town of Balakliia last month, they left behind thousands of documents that detail the inner workings of the Russian war machine.

Ukraine Could Draft All Men Under 60 to Fight Russia

A sudden MATERIAL oversupply of Gas in Europe.

UK gears up for hard cold winter and BBC secretly plans for a national blackout

Mexican Military Arms Narco-Terrorists

Following PR Crisis, PayPal Again Updates TOS Hoping You Won’t Notice

Major Fuel Supplier On “Code Red” As Diesel Crisis Hits Southeast
After admitting that Fetterman’s performance was “poor,” and watching it “uncomfortable,” Ms Joy Gray opined, “however, I also do think a lot of voters are looking for someone who is going to co-sign a Democratic Party agenda vs a Republican agenda, and — as many people, you know, who’ve been working on the Hill for many years will attest to — it doesn’t take a lot to be there to pull, to push that button, or pull that lever for an agenda.”

Yes, The U.S. Military Is Weak

Germany Is Dismantling A Wind Farm To Make Way For A Coal Mine

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America’s electric utilities facing transformer shortage crisis

The thing that makes this real story to my mind is the non-coverage in the media. I would understand it if he was a nobody blogger but he worked for ABC. ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Still Missing After FBI Raided His Home in April

Fetterman vs. Oz debate: The elephant in the room

Reminder: A state Supreme Court is not New York State’s highest court. New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

Kathy Hochul on the Ropes in New York

Bird Flu Deaths in U.S. Birds Approaching Record Numbers, Affecting Price of Thanksgiving Turkeys

Southern California’s Notorious Container Ship Backup Ends

“The robot is doing the job”: Robots help pick strawberries in California amid drought, labor shortage

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Kamil on Nukes and Civil War in Russia

Russian Pilot’s Ejection From An Su-25 Seen In Incredible Headcam Video

Home Heating Oil Rationing Begins in Northeast, and It’s Not Even Winter Yet

Hospitals seeing a surge of children with respiratory virus

Cost of Thanksgiving turkey up 73 percent from last year

New California Laws Will Create ‘Ideological Purity Test’ for Police by Banning Ties to ‘Hate’ and ‘Bias,’ Critics Say

Treatment From Banana Protein Beats All Known COVID Variants, Flu

Chinese stocks crash after Xi Jinping cements absolute power

The World’s Biggest Infectious Killer Regains Its Deadly Lead

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This report focuses on Russian Defense Minister Shoigu’s several calls with his western counterparts and preposterous claims that Ukraine is preparing a false-flag “dirty bomb” attack against Russia RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, OCTOBER 23

Russia’s Uranium Dominance Threatens America’s Next-Gen Nuclear Plans

Helium shortage: Doctors are worried that running out of the element could threaten MRIs

The highly paid political class in charge of each of the UK’s three major political parties detests, despises, distrusts and seeks to discard their own party membership.

Drought Exposes Dinosaur Tracks in Texas

Brain scans reveal that some people who can’t speak or move are aware of the world around them

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Addressing Putin’s Nuclear Threat: Thinking Like the Cold War KGB Officer That He Was

Ukraine Situation Report: Russia’s Kherson Pontoon Bridge Attacked

Russia’s Counterpart To NATO Is On The Brink Of Collapse

China, Coppola

San Diego ER seeing up to 37 marijuana cases a day — mostly psychosis

The Age of Boutique Authoritarianism

The Thinking Man’s Guide to Hitting a Moose

Ghana and Zambia race to secure IMF bailouts

A Reliable Partner

Something Toxic Flourishes in Your Brain After Too Much Hard Work

New vaccine to protect people in the EU and worldwide against dengue

Ancient Virus Fragments in Our DNA Are Activating Where We Least Expect

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 20

Russian fighter jet ‘released missile’ near RAF plane due to malfunction, MPs hear

More to Ukraine’s recent grain export success than meets the eye

Health Officials Dumped Stocks in January 2020, Before COVID Was Declared an Emergency

San Francisco to Spend $1.7 Million to Build a Single Public Toilet

Oil prices climbed on Thursday morning as China signaled that it would ease its Covid policy, a policy that has destroyed domestic oil demand.

The great semiconductor drought may be about to break

Space Force briefing on military space race catches Jeff Bezos’ attention

If you are a mosquito magnet, there is not much you can do. “Mosquito magnets seem to remain mosquito magnets,” an expert at Florida University said.

Made me think of Grandpa: Coffee: Just as Healthy as Vegetables

told us that they supported our right to protest, but they refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued, and have turned off the heating. People in support can’t get out of the building

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Putin’s War Escalation Is Hastening Demographic Crash for Russia

China dumps dud chips on Russia, Moscow media moans

DoD eyeing options to provide satcom in Ukraine as it continues talks with SpaceX

More than a million Americans ration insulin as prices skyrocket

Ebola Is Back—and Vaccines Don’t Work Against It

German Cabinet approves nuclear plant lifespan extension

China’s armed forces recruiting dozens of British ex military pilots in ‘threat to UK interests’

Fabled star catalogue by ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus had been feared lost.

Taiwan’s lack of seriousness

The below video makes the situation in Taiwan look really bad and I have no doubt that it is. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that most people (including myself) did not imagine that Ukraine had any fight in them either. You never know what is going to happen when the heat actually comes. It is worth remembering that when Ukraine was first invaded by “little green men” back in 2014 it was rich men funding volunteer groups that first started to really push back against the Russians. This was because the Ukrainian military was seen as inadequate and not serious about pushing back against the Russians. You can see a little bit of that dynamic going on in Taiwan in the below video.

Still, you can’t change the fact that the facts as laid out in the below video are very bad for Taiwan. They are a wealthier country on a GDP per capita basis then South Korea (on purchasing power parity basis, if you look at nominal thy are about the same) so there is no reason they can’t be as serious as South Korea is about their own defense. But it seems that Taiwan is trusting too much in water and the USA or they simply don’t really care at the national level.