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A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel

The title is overdone. It has long been known that Israel shot down some soviet planes that soviet anti-air batteries were a big problem for Israel. Better to say undereported then nobody knew. The Secret Israel-Soviet Union War Nobody Knew About

2019: A Year the News Media Would Rather Forget

This is a good overview for those who are not familiar with structure of Iran’s military. However, it does not make it as clear as I would like how the Revolutionary Guards Corps function as a state within a state. However, the information is all there if you pay attention. Persian Might: How Strong Is Iran’s Military?

Links for Today

Bible Lobbyist: We Can’t Print Bibles in America Anymore

Where Did Americans Move in 2019?

“For one thing, it’s an enormous amount of money, more than the final cost of bailing out the auto industry during the financial crisis of 2008. The auto industry bailout was fiercely debated in Congress. Yet the USDA created this new program out of thin air; it decided that an old law authorizing a USDA program called the Commodity Credit Corp. already gave it the authority to spend this money.”