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Real ID starts to bite. The Washington Post reported in August that 8,000 Maryland licenses have been suspended. Three months earlier, MVA announced that 66,300 people were at risk of having their driver’s license or identification cards revoked for failure to comply with MVA demands. As Maryland ramps up enforcement, the number of suspended licenses is probably far higher now but MVA spokespersons failed to respond to repeated press inquiries seeking the latest number. Maryland police are seizing the license of any driver who they stop whose only offense was failure to hustle to show Maryland bureaucrats their birth certificate, passport, utility bills, Social Security card, or other proof of their identity.

The real scandal is that a tech executive is using WhatsApp. You would think he would know better. Jeff Bezos, blackmail and the Saudi crown prince

Not my area of expertise, but it sounds all to familiar to all NY State Employees. You Blew It, Andrew Cuomo

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