Fire Log #5: Testing the Armageddon Option

The first ferro rod I ever bought was the GobSpark Armageddon with an attached magnesium rod. At the time I was just starting to think about the need to have something that I could start fires with beyond the lighters I had always used. My goal was to have a fire starting system that could…..

1. Be stored in rough conditions without any care to taken to avoid breaking it or to maintain it.
2. Be used to start fires by even an amateur who had little experience starting fires.
3. Be used to reliably start a fire even in awful conditions.

The fact that it was a Ferro rod with a hard plastic case is what I pinned my hopes of meeting the criteria number #1 on and I can say I have carried it many places without it taking the least damage. So that part worked at least.

But for goals number #2 and #3 I was relying on the attached magnesium rod to magically make everything work. I knew even when I bought this thing (this was before I had ever used a Ferro rod myself) that a Ferro rod can take some skill to use effectively and I knew that they had trouble if you did not have good tinder or were trying to use them in rough conditions. But I also knew that if you made shavings of magnesium and then ignited them, they burned really hot. It was this that I was relying on to make it useable even for those with little skill in bad conditions.

In theory this sounds good. But I never tested it. So for this fire starting test I decided to see how it would work.

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Kyiv Officially Getting Long-Range Rocket-Boosted Bomb

Joe Biden Offered Vladimir Putin 20 Percent of Ukraine to End War: Report

“First, our best assessment at the moment is that whatever the surveillance payload is on this balloon, it does not create significant value added over and above what the PRC is likely able to collect through things like satellites in Low Earth Orbit,” the official added. “But out of an abundance of caution, we have taken additional mitigation steps. I’m not going to go into what those are.”

When it comes to describing the problems in Miltenberg in the German state of Bavaria, District Administrator Marco Scherf doesn’t know where to begin. In the past year, about 500 people from Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa came to the largely rural district, along with around 1,500 refugees from Ukraine.

An excellent interview that started of seeming like it was going to talk about things I already knew and then went into stuff that was all new to me. Inside the global battle over chip manufacturing.

Pfizer Director of mRNA Research Raises Fertility Worries Over COVID-19 Vaccine More info here.

Biden Administration Blocks Development of Alaska’s Pebble Mine

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After Netanyahu talks, Macron warns of Iran nuclear ‘consequences’

Where would they find 700 million people even if they did make themselves attractive to immigrants? The United Nations has estimated that if China’s birth rate remains at its super-low level and the country fails to position itself as an attractive destination for migrants, the country will lose nearly half of its population by the end of this century, a contraction of roughly 700 million people.

Chinese intelligence-gathering balloon seen over Montana

“Significant Threat To National Security”: US Air Force Warns Over Chinese Corn Mill In North Dakota

Japan’s 2022 National Security Strategy concludes with a dramatic pronouncement

British workers unite in largest strike in a generation

Germany’s population is declining, as is the number of students studying technical fields like science and engineering. To remain an industrial powerhouse, the country will need engineers from abroad.

Gray was referring to New York Democratic lawmakers passing legislation significantly increasing the amount of retiree money that pension officials can deliver to Wall Street. The bill was championed by the New York City comptroller, Brad Lander, just weeks after the Democrat won office promising he would be “reviewing the funds’ positions with risky and speculative assets including hedge funds, private equity, and private real estate funds”.

Extremely drug-resistant germ found in eye drops infects 55 in 12 states; 1 dead

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Russia Says It’s Relocating Citizens Near Border Due To Attacks

Russia’s Economy Shrinks 2.7% Due To Western Sanctions

The prolonged and unprecedented energy crisis that plunges households into darkness for several hours daily has raised the cost of doing business in South Africa too.

Lebanese villagers try to stem illegal logging scourge

PayPal to cut 7% of its workforce

In the fall of 2022, the state passed what shortens to the FAST bill — the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act could require fast-food restaurants to pay workers up a minimum wage of $22 an hour with an annual raise of 3.5%.

Massachusetts Democrats have a bold new proposal for prisoners: donate your organs or bone marrow, and get as little as a couple of months off of your sentence.

Another transgender inmate also started identifying as a baby in order to get better treatment in prison, a demand that was “taken seriously” by prison bosses.

The computer errors from outer space

Green Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) Passes Over Earth This Week

So going back to 1915, the cost of constructing buildings, as measured by various cost indexes, has almost always risen faster than inflation. For highways, construction costs rose roughly in line with CPI inflation until the early 2000s, after which they started rising faster.

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Ukraine Situation Report: The Battle For Dnipro River Islands

Can Pakistan face down a growing Taliban insurgency? The death toll from the latest attack keeps climbing.

Iran summons Ukraine’s top diplomat after Isfahan drone strike

The U.S. Consumer Is Starting to Freak Out

France saw its second major nationwide strike in two weeks on Tuesday in a backlash against the government’s plans to push up the retirement age to 64.

US Helping Ukraine Repair Weapons, Equipment Through ‘Video Calls’

The “Twin Metals Project” would have tapped the Duluth Complex within the Superior National Forest, where 95 percent of the nation’s nickel reserves and 88 percent of American cobalt reserves are found. Biden’s Department of the Interior blocked the nearly $3 billion mine over stated concerns about the safety of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness inside the national forest.

U.S. stops granting export licenses for China’s Huawei, sources say

Microsoft and Viasat are using satellites to bring 10 million people online

ChatGPT by @OpenAI now *expressively prohibits arguments for fossil fuels*. (It used to offer them.) Not only that, it excludes nuclear energy from its counter-suggestions.

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 30, 2023

Can the Leopard 2s supplied by Germany and its allies really turn the tide on the battlefield?

In the final years of the Cold War, the Soviet Navy tasked two of its Delta class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, or SSBNs, to verify their capability to launch a full salvo of 16 ballistic missiles at once. This was Operation Behemoth, and the results were, it has to be said, mixed.

Connecticut Egg Farm Fire Kills at Least 100,000 Chickens

Repeated vaccination of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dampens neutralizing antibodies against Omicron variants in breakthrough infection

British Army No Longer Top-Level Fighting Force, Warns US General