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Take the theory with a big grain of salt but the facts are bad enough. The Economic Doom Loop Has Begun

The Search for Long Covid

Why is Xi Jinping doubling down on a ‘zero-Covid’ policy that is causing massive economic distress and public anger in China?

Washington considers tapping emergency diesel reserves.

Energy Crisis picks up speed Downunder

Why we can’t do anything: State’s $100M program to convert hotels into housing drew just one applicant

South Ossetian soldiers who left the fight in Ukraine describe dysfunction of the Russian military campaign

IRGC Colonel Assassinated in Tehran, Mossad Suspected of Being Behind Hit

Turkish president reveals intentions to launch new military campaign in Syria

Texas school shooting: 18 children killed, senator says

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This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse

Will There Be Enough Diesel, Jet Fuel, and Gasoline This Summer?

Had to have been a black bear. A grizzly bear doing the same thing would not have had as a happy ending. A Wisconsin couple say they killed a bear who attacked them inside their home after they spotted it eating from their bird feeder.

In one such new study, researchers found that men and women infected by Toxoplasma gondii ended up being rated as more attractive and healthier-looking than non-infected individuals.

Young children who grow up with a dog or in a large family may have some protection later in life from a common inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s disease

Did Biden Just Provoke Another International Crisis?

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U.S. Flying Baby Formula From Germany

Regarding the upcoming food crisis

Monkeypox Outbreak Prompts WHO to Explore Sexual Contact Theory

Kazakhstan Cuts Iron Supplies To Russian Steelworks

Beijing orders millions more to work from home in targeted Covid containment drive

Tesla Asking Owners to Limit Charging During Texas Heatwave Isn’t a Good Sign

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New research challenges established ideas about infant crying

Struggling in Ukraine, Russia Paves Way to Enlist Over-40s

Monkeypox: The Next Big Scare Related: Is the new monkeypox an STD?

This will be a big problem 30 years from now. Baby bust in India

Americans Drive More Than Pre-Covid Despite Record Gas Prices

Just like the bees, the ‘Beepocalypse’ myth isn’t dying

Sweden’s Strategy Once Again Proven Correct

Sri Lanka defaults on debt for first time in its history Related….

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Energy Officials Issue ‘Sobering’ Warning About Widespread Summer Blackouts Triggered by Closure of Fossil Fuel Plants

China’s crude imports from Russia set to rise further after April increase

Biden Admin Quietly Admits Math Error Is Causing Massive Oil, Gas Permitting Delays

“Despite the recent surge of in-migration, Maine is facing demographic headwinds: Of all states, it has the highest percentage of its population age over 65, the lowest percentage of its population under 18, and the highest median age at 45.1 years. “A large percentage of our workforce is steadily approaching retirement age,” Fecteau says. Indeed, the Maine Chamber of Commerce estimates the state will need 65,000 or more new workers in the coming decade—numbers that make it imperative for the state’s culture to become somewhat more welcoming.

The Loop Current, a fueler of monster storms, is looking a lot like it did in 2005, the year of Katrina

Indonesia ends export ban on palm oil

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Chinese depositors left in dark as three local banks freeze deposits

Gas Stations In Washington State Are Running Out Of Fuel Related: Low fuel inventories could lead to a crisis this summer in the U.S

Is an unknown, extraordinarily ancient civilisation buried under eastern Turkey?

Azovstal eyewitness recounts her evacuation from Mariupol steel plant

Deadly tiger encounters are on the rise in India

Shocking electricity price rises starting in Australia — so bad that small retailers ask customers to leave

In a speech Wednesday evening in Dallas about Russia’s war on Ukraine, Bush called the invasion of Iraq, which he himself ordered, “unjustified and brutal” — before quickly correcting himself.

Russian S-300 Air Defense System Targets Israeli Jets in Syria

Russia Attacked U.S. Supplied Howitzers In Ukraine With Kamikaze Drones And Rockets

Dems in New York Begin to Eat Their Own After Gerrymandering Failure

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Maybe the next major source of drama facing the world. Pakistan facing bankruptcy as the economy crumbles

Senate Dems Nix ‘Disinformation’ Hearing After Embarrassing Jankowicz Videos Surface

How to Write Software With Mathematical Perfection

Texas’ grid operator told a power plant to delay repairs ahead of a May heat wave. It was among six that crashed.

The Global Fertilizer Crisis

Alternative to open heart surgery just as effective for patients with common heart condition

The reason Tennessee land prices are so high.

Goes along with the video I posted. Corn and spring wheat are well behind averages.

Dow drops 1,100 points for its biggest decline since 2020 as the sell-off this year on Wall Street intensifies

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Sri Lanka Down to Last Day of Petrol, PM Tells Crisis-Hit Nation

Absolute Record For The Price Of Wheat In The European Market – At 438.25 Euros Per Ton

Headline says Tesla but it works on any car that use a fob instead of a key. Bluetooth hack compromises Teslas, digital locks, and more

How long-term space missions change the brain

SoCal shooting politically motivated: Gunman targeted Taiwanese church

A tale of Two Mass Shootings.

A murder at the Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer station in Queens has exposed many of the problems facing the city’s transit system.

The State of Public Transit in the Nation’s Capital