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This was a choice. GOP Rep. Massie Warns US is ‘Weeks Away, Not Months,’ From Food Shortages

Another study that might go away because it is wrong think. Covid-19 epidemiological models and the Lombardy data

Power is hard to give up. California’s coronavirus reopening: Gavin Newsom’s six-point plan will alter daily life

By all published measures, Japan has been doing one of the best jobs of any country in the world. And still, the “public” wants more. Japan losing patience with government over COVID-19 response

Another study that no one will pay attention to. Taking STEM Courses Online Is Just As Good As In-Person Classes, Study Finds

Links For Today

This is the chart that people should be paying attention to. It tracks total mortality so it is better then charts that only track reported COVID deaths. It also allows you to see how bad COVID has been (or not as the case may be) compared to other recent (and by that I mean within the last 5 years) spike in the death rates. Weekly mortality as deviations from the baseline (Z-score) for the past 4½ years in the data-providing EuroMOMO partners, in four age groups.

More importantly is the effect it will have on olive oil. Deadly olive tree disease across Europe ‘could cost billions’

This was a policy choice. Not something the COVID virus did. But people don’t want to take responsibility. Coronavirus Has Broken America’s Food Supply

Bloomberg News Killed Investigation, Fired Reporter, Then Sought To Silence His Wife

If you look at total mortality, Sweden is doing even better. And Japan is doing better then almost any modern country. Not sure why people keep acting like Japan is doing something wrong. Why isn’t Sweden exploding?