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Uncomfortable Lessons: Reassessing Iran’s Missile Attack

Growth rates of 2019-nCoV are falling in Hubei, in China, and worldwide

A bad recording, but still still something to see two old timers playing around. Two of the top talents in their respective fields (playing the guitar and singing). It is a shame they did not pick better songs or put more serious effort into working together (and maybe they did at some point and I just don’t know it).

Links for Today

We live in an age when obvious things are shocking to the most educated. Says something about modern education. Study reveals music’s universal patterns across societies worldwide

James Bond Villains and Mad Max gangs are looking more plausible the older I get. The First Narco Submarine Ever Seized Off A European Coast Is A Monster Not a real submarine in spite of the headline, but the Wright brothers did not start off with 747 either.

More cheerful news from the medical world. Antibiotic-Resistant Fungi Are a Growing Health Threat

If they produce the battles in a semi-historical manner, I might watch regardless of the politics. Turkish-Saudi animosity spills over into cultural sphere

Links for Today

The unintended consequences of the legal decision discussed in this post is also why the US made a marked shift towards drones blowing up houses with woman and children inside rather then try to take captives to gather intelligence. Behind Eddie Gallagher’s Court Martial Is a Much Larger Issue: The 2008 No-Prisoners Policy

First third is not worth much. But the rest of it does a have way decent job of demonstrating why Solzhenitsyn works should be read.How the great truth dawned

This was funny if you watch it happen in real time. When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting