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For those like myself who thought very highly of this video on the battle of Midway, we now have the follow up. Of necessity, the next two videos depend on the a good knowledge of the previous video for their context.

I personally would re-watch the first video if it was not still clear in my mind and then immediately watch the video on the American perspective below as I think the contrast is most interesting. The author is calling it video number 3 but I really think it should be the second one.

The last video I would watch is the one that covers the rest of battle below. It is interesting in its own right but most of the significant stuff takes place in the previous two videos.

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Its not cultural appropriation when they do it. Snark aside, I wish they had focused more on the guy recreating American work wear from the 50s How Japan Copied American Culture and Made it Better

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A bad recording, but still still something to see two old timers playing around. Two of the top talents in their respective fields (playing the guitar and singing). It is a shame they did not pick better songs or put more serious effort into working together (and maybe they did at some point and I just don’t know it).