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Kansas Confirms Mask Mandates Don’t Do Much To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

How The Once Elusive Dream Of Laser Weapons Suddenly Became A Reality

Nuclear scientist’s assassination puts Tehran at crossroads Contrast the description of how he was killed with this Iran Says Scientist Was Killed in ‘New, Complex’ Operation: Top Official

Old and young, Chinese vent anger at move to raise retirement age

Report Claims CIA Controlled Second Swiss Encryption Firm
Speaking as somebody who crunches data for a living: everything I’ve seen about the PA, GA, MI, and WI elections stinks to high heaven.

101-year-old Italian grandma gets Covid THREE times

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‘Hillbilly Elegy’, Class Conflict, & Mercy

Sudan boycotts Nile dam talks, further complicating negotiations

Government Model Suggests U.S. COVID-19 Cases Could Be Approaching 100 Million Test my math here. If we round deaths up to 300,000 and assume 100 million people have it when we hit that mark, we are at a point .003 case fatality rate. Flu is on average .001

Fabricator and fraudster

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Tight NY congressional race casts glaring light on the flaws of mail-in voting

Doctors Want Us to Know That the COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Could Be Awful

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid

The difference between this and other stories that have come before is that this clearly has nothing to do with immunity “fading” as it happened within weeks. Instead, it is a totally different version of the virus and I suspect that was the real cause of the other cases as well People who recover from Covid-19 can be reinfected with new strain, study shows

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What the data say about asymptomatic COVID infections

Newsom’s ‘Disgraceful’ COVID Hypocrisy the Latest Frustration for Napa Restaurant Owners

Headline is more dramatic then the facts but the panic is starting to reach Sweden. Lockdown U-turn in Sweden as COVID-19 cases soar and herd immunity hopes falter

Brussels Prepares for a Protracted Fight with Poland and Hungary

When no one can visit, no one can check. Not just COVID: Nursing home neglect deaths surge in shadows

South Korea daily COVID-19 cases highest since August; nationwide infections feared

Andrew Cuomo To Receive Emmy Award for His ‘Leadership’ During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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“The irony about right now is we are approaching our worst numbers with the same things open as [when] we … had our best numbers” a few weeks ago, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said this week.

The virus itself hasn’t changed, and there has been little relaxation of the rules. Interviews conducted with people who have recently tested positive for the coronavirus don’t show any significant shifts in behavior compared with a month ago, such as more visits to restaurants or other businesses, said Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, L.A. County’s chief medical officer.

Anatomy of the Explosion that Rocked Beirut

What’s wrong with the media