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Ukraine Situation Report: The Battle For Dnipro River Islands

Can Pakistan face down a growing Taliban insurgency? The death toll from the latest attack keeps climbing.

Iran summons Ukraine’s top diplomat after Isfahan drone strike

The U.S. Consumer Is Starting to Freak Out

France saw its second major nationwide strike in two weeks on Tuesday in a backlash against the government’s plans to push up the retirement age to 64.

US Helping Ukraine Repair Weapons, Equipment Through ‘Video Calls’

The “Twin Metals Project” would have tapped the Duluth Complex within the Superior National Forest, where 95 percent of the nation’s nickel reserves and 88 percent of American cobalt reserves are found. Biden’s Department of the Interior blocked the nearly $3 billion mine over stated concerns about the safety of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness inside the national forest.

U.S. stops granting export licenses for China’s Huawei, sources say

Microsoft and Viasat are using satellites to bring 10 million people online

ChatGPT by @OpenAI now *expressively prohibits arguments for fossil fuels*. (It used to offer them.) Not only that, it excludes nuclear energy from its counter-suggestions.

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 30, 2023

Can the Leopard 2s supplied by Germany and its allies really turn the tide on the battlefield?

In the final years of the Cold War, the Soviet Navy tasked two of its Delta class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, or SSBNs, to verify their capability to launch a full salvo of 16 ballistic missiles at once. This was Operation Behemoth, and the results were, it has to be said, mixed.

Connecticut Egg Farm Fire Kills at Least 100,000 Chickens

Repeated vaccination of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dampens neutralizing antibodies against Omicron variants in breakthrough infection

British Army No Longer Top-Level Fighting Force, Warns US General

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Not as big a deal as first reports made it out to be. Israel conducted a kamikaze drone attack on a military munitions factory near Esfahan City, Esfahan Province on January 28, according to Western media reports.

Alzheimer’s Association Hides New Partnership With Lobbying Group for Assisted Suicide

I’ve been investigating the contamination theory of the obesity epidemic as laid out in “A Chemical Hunger,” and found that several of what seem to be the strongest arguments for the theory turned out to be dubious.

The government filed an antitrust case to break up Google, and the Senate held a brutal hearing on Ticketmaster’s monopoly. Wall Street opinion leader Jim Cramer is officially freaking out.

Requiem for a string: Charting the rise and fall of a theory of everything

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Heavy Fighting As Battle For Vuhledar Rages

Lots of videos on line. Everything I post will be wrong this early but something certainly is going down. The Iranian Ministry of Defense claims drones struck a facility in Isfahan as reports of blasts in other cities cause alarm. For up to date stuff, you sadly have to go to twitter or telegram.

Libya’s New Order

Republicans introduce resolution calling for US to recognize Taiwan

Judge Temporarily Blocks California’s Covid ‘Misinformation’ Law That Punishes Physicians For ‘Wrongthink’

Pretty much a water is wet story, but some people might not know that the Feds explicitly only measure inflation as experienced by the urban consumer. Rural Americans Aren’t Included in Inflation Figures – and for Them, the Cost of Living May Be Rising Faster

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Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters

Precisely because of such threats, according to his closest advisers, he wanted to have the Americans at his side. If Germany sent tanks, it would do so only if Washington agreed to send some of its own

China Lacks Natural Gas for Heating Homes During Cold Spell

Nightmare stories circulated, like the report of a pregnant woman who lost her baby due to draconian COVID regulations. She was left bleeding onto the sidewalk in the dead of winter outside a hospital in Xi’an, her child sentenced to death by her expired test result. This short “Help, they are coming to get me” video is relevant.

One of the world’s largest fertilizer companies warns that every country—even those in Europe—is facing a food crisis

Am I being bombastic? You tell me: given that the legislation that grants them the power to order a telecommunications service provider “to do or stop doing anything“.

Blockbuster claims in video of Pfizer executive — making mutant viruses, capturing official agencies

Chaos, violence and death: Peru’s perilous state

PA Gov. Josh Shapiro Removes Four-Year Degree Requirement ‘From 92% of Government Jobs’

60″ Corn Row Spacing