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Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters

Precisely because of such threats, according to his closest advisers, he wanted to have the Americans at his side. If Germany sent tanks, it would do so only if Washington agreed to send some of its own

China Lacks Natural Gas for Heating Homes During Cold Spell

Nightmare stories circulated, like the report of a pregnant woman who lost her baby due to draconian COVID regulations. She was left bleeding onto the sidewalk in the dead of winter outside a hospital in Xi’an, her child sentenced to death by her expired test result. This short “Help, they are coming to get me” video is relevant.

One of the world’s largest fertilizer companies warns that every country—even those in Europe—is facing a food crisis

Am I being bombastic? You tell me: given that the legislation that grants them the power to order a telecommunications service provider “to do or stop doing anything“.

Blockbuster claims in video of Pfizer executive — making mutant viruses, capturing official agencies

Chaos, violence and death: Peru’s perilous state

PA Gov. Josh Shapiro Removes Four-Year Degree Requirement ‘From 92% of Government Jobs’

60″ Corn Row Spacing

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