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Russia Mobilization Blues: Grumpy Old Men, Grumpy Old Tanks, Grumpy Ethnic Minorities

Putin Bets It All in Ukraine

Mostly noteworthy because it shows they have stopped fearing Russia. Kazakhstan Closes Trucking Loophole Which Allowed Russia To Dodge Sanctions

Poland Now Has Enough Natural Gas And Coal Supply For Winter

Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery

Early Puberty in Girls Surged in The Pandemic, And We May Finally Know Why

Oil Falls Below $80 As Powell Warns A Recession May Be Looming

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Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu later claimed Russia would mobilize 300,000 people, calling up only reservists with prior military service, specialist skills, and combat experience. However, the Kremlin redacted the section of Putin’s decree specifying the number of draftees, and the independent Novaya Gazeta Europe cited an unnamed Kremlin source as saying the true number is 1 million. Both those figures should be treated with caution.

Time to Dust Off the Old Nuclear War-Fighting Playbook?

Inflation is historically high in Turkey, but President Erdogan continues to defy economic wisdom as the country’s central bank slashed policy rates further.

One Million Puerto Ricans Still Without Power As Grid Crisis Persists

Shipping: liners swimming in money but supply chains sinking

PayPal Demonetises the Daily Sceptic

Initial Review Of Nexcess

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The Justice Department Was Dangerous Before Trump. It’s Out of Control Now

Existing home sales fall in August, and prices soften significantly

Profits Plummet And Vehicles Left Unfinished As Ford Struggles With Inflation

Fire ant rafts form because of the Cheerios effect, study concludes

Eritrea launches ‘full-scale offensive,’ say Tigrayan forces in Ethiopia

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the country’s military to develop the ability to take control of Taiwan by 2027, according to CIA official David Cohen.

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Why didn’t Ukraine fall?

‘They won’t invade, will they?’ Fears rise in Russian city that Ukraine war could cross border

Moscow’s local allies were told ‘Russia is here for ever’. Now they flee Ukraine

German gas storage 90% full ahead of winter despite Russian cuts

Rhine Water Levels in Germany Approaching Normal Depths

Alzheimer’s deaths in aging Germany more than doubled since 2000

A Natural Gas Shortage Is Looming For The U.S.

Americans Drowning In Long-Term Credit Card Debt

Starship will be the biggest rocket ever. Are space scientists ready to take advantage of it?

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The German View. An Unbelievable Surprise Attack

Coming soon to a country near you. For decades, the Lebanese pound was pegged at 1,507 to the dollar, meaning that it has lost around 95 percent of its black market value since 2019.

Home-Flipper Opendoor Hit With Losses in Echo of Zillow Collapse

Another one in the string of recent earthquakes. So far China (6.8) Papua New Guinea (7.6) and Taiwan (6.8) plus this one. I hope this is the last one in this current crop but I doubt it. Powerful earthquake hits Mexico’s Pacific coast

How is the ethanol blending programme connected to the rice export ban?

Only 82 years ago. How fast time flies. The dial comes to town

Evidence of Hochul pay-to-play outrage mounts

This week an entire Chinese residential skyscraper went up in flames

Rainfall from deadly Hurricane Fiona tops 30 inches in Puerto Rico

Hindu-Muslim Scuffles Lead to Heightened Communal Tension in UK’s Leicester

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Mostly noteworthy because it is part of series of earthquakes that has been traveling around the world in the last few weeks. I suspect a big one is going to land somewhere soon. 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocks Taiwan

‘Once-in-a-Lifetime Discovery’: Israeli Archeologists Reveal 3,300 Year-Old Burial Cave Off Mediterranean Coastline

Izium bodies show signs of torture and execution

Kyrgyz-Tajik border clashes leave dozens dead and thousands displaced

Tension mounts in Haiti with widespread looting, violent protests

Open source intelligence. There is more information in pervious posts on the same website and the subject of speculation is this Russian weapon.

After knocking out the island’s power grid, Hurricane Fiona makes landfall in Puerto Rico

Germany Seizes Control Of Russian-Owned Refinery

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They posted today’s in time for me to link to it. RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, SEPTEMBER 16 That means that yesterday’s (found here) has been skipped over but it did not have anything particularly noteworthy in it.

The critical moment behind Ukraine’s rapid advance

FedEx issues ominous warning about the global economy, shares tumble

Fodder dries up for Pakistan’s livestock as floodwaters stay high

Five bank ‘heists’ in a day as Lebanese seek back frozen savings

Mysterious increase in deaths across Europe

An oil spill has forced a shutdown of all crude oil exports from Iraq’s Basra Port, oil sector sources said on Friday, cited by Reuters.

Israel’s Defense Minister Reveals Syrian Military Sites Used to Produce Advanced Weapons for Iran

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More interesting then it sounds but you have to get to the part where they talk about the quality of the study. A daily multivitamin could keep your memory sharp as you age

Mortgage demand from homebuyers falls 29% since last year, as interest rates surge past 6%

Actually, it is starting to make the news now but a little late. The Biggest Looming Crisis You’ve Heard Almost Nothing About

Always seems like that when the standard model ever goes into conflict with general relativity, general relativity wins (not that this conflict happens all that often). The energy of the vacuum should have a gravitational effect on large atoms. But physicists’ attempts to measure it have puzzlingly come up empty.

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Russian retreats continue as emboldened Ukrainians push on, shoot down drone

Switzerland looks at jailing people for heating their homes “excessively”

Inflation rose 0.1% in August even with sharp drop in gas prices

Plastic Might Be Making You Fat

Border conflict breaks out between Armenia, Azerbaijan as Russia distracted by Ukraine

Pakistan floods threaten food security as critical crops destroyed