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I wish I could find a similar graph for the US. But this is reminder of how bad (or not so bad) Covid was in the EU. Note that in 2017 the death rate spike to just over 70 thousand while during Covid it spiked to just under 90 thousand.

Mystery deepens: Third Iran fire in a week damages centrifuge facility

In ‘Russian Bounty’ Story, Evidence-Free Claims From Nameless Spies Became Fact Overnight

This is what [Wikipedia] editors (activists) say to people debating on my biography. My work exploring radicalisation and opposing political extremism is “not noteworthy” so no new information should be included, and I should be portrayed as far right for the rest of my life,” Buckby tweeted with a screenshot of the discussion about his page.

There’s a War Going On Over Kamala Harris’s Wikipedia Page, with Unflattering Elements Vanishing

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China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization

The exchange was surreal, a sign that the wheels may be falling off public safety in Atlanta

Our Latest Intel Drama On Russia

Aerosols, Droplets, and Airborne Spread: Everything you could possibly want to know

Seattle mayor who defended CHOP is outraged after protesters showed up at her home and Seattle’s moonbat mayor brings up possibility of expulsion of socialist councilwoman for ‘political theatre’

Seattle Police Chief Can’t Stomach the Bitter Irony of the Latest Murder at CHOP

The Story Forbes Censored, Exploding The Myth Of Climate Crisis Alarmism

Scenes From the Social Justice War

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U.S. Maintains Pressure on al-Qa’ida’s Most Overlooked Franchise

Philadelphia set to be first U.S. city to protect workers against retaliation for calling out coronavirus conditions

Santa Cruz County lifts beach closures: ‘People are not willing to be governed’

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously on Friday to advance its plan to eliminate the police department and create a new public safety unit.

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A natural decrease from the number of deaths exceeding births, plus a slowdown in immigration to the U.S., contributed to the population drop since 2010 for non-Hispanic whites, whose median age of 43.7 last year was by far the highest of any demographic group. If these numbers hold for the 2020 census being conducted right now, it will be the first time since the first decennial census in 1790 that there has been a national decline of whites, Frey said.

Mythbusting: The “Carrington Event” and Solar Cycle Doom

Conservatives ‘weaponizing cancel culture’