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Belarus Admits Russian A-50 Radar Jet Damaged In Drone Attack

US Intelligence Now Says Pro-Ukraine, Possibly Government-Trained Mystery Forces Destroyed Nord Stream Pipelines

Taiwan’s defense minister on Monday said a sharp increase in Chinese military spending for 2023 indicated Beijing was “preparing for the use of force if necessary” to potentially retake the self-ruled island.

France braces for strikes that could bring the country ‘to a standstill’ for days on end

Iran arrests school poisoning suspects as cases top 5,000

Several other types of commercial aircraft also use floppy disks, including newer variants of the 747 and the 767, older Airbus A320s

Lynching the Deplorables Related: footage of police helping protestors was hidden for two years

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Bakhmut On The Brink


These concerning trends prompted a warning in January from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida that Japan is “on the brink of not being able to maintain social functions.”

Farmers’ Protests Erupt in the Netherlands and Belgium Against EU Climate Change Restrictions

Italy Goes against EU’s Fossil Fuel Car Ban

French Strikes Over Pension Reform Hit Power Utility, Trucking

What? Robert Stange, 73, who describes himself as a “survivalist,” said he has three months’ worth of food on hand, although he had run out of coffee as well as lighter fluid for his wood-burning stove. Friday, he went to a store and emerged with a bottle of what he said was fine wine. That is not even the worst quote. This one is also in the running: “I used to work in construction, and it’s harder digging snow than dirt. Snow is heavier”. You can tell someone has never dug a basement out in hardpan country.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates Take Breast Cancer Field by Storm

Biden: “I was diagnosed with having a uh, anyway, they had to take the top of my head off a couple times to see if I had a brain.”

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One of the biggest threats posed by Wagner is that they have much more freedom in assaults than regular forces

One of the more interesting things I have read on China in the last year or so. Mountains offer the best hiding places from the state.

I think I am somewhere on this spectrum. But it is hard to say when I am so bad a visualization in general. Struggle to Recognize Faces? Face Blindness May Be More Common Than Scientists Assumed

How gut bacteria can impact treatments for cancer

Fire Log #9: “Bad Girl” Makes Fire

Not everyone has the time or inclination to practice their fire making skills. But it is possible that anyone might have to make a fire in less than ideal situations as was demonstrated by the unfortunate lady I talked about in the first fire log. So what would you put together in a kit to give someone with little or no experience the maximum ability to start a fire in bad conditions while still being small and compact?

I had my theories on this subject based on what I imagined would give a rookie the most difficulty and how to overcome that. But I wanted to see what a real rookie would do when confronted with making a fire in less than ideal conditions. So I recruited the “Bad Girl” (my nickname for my youngest sister) as my semi-willing victim and set out to find out what it was like for a real life rookie to start a fire.

Since I was trying to be mindful of her time and keep total time I was dragging her away from her books to be around an hour, I figured I would gather all the wood needed for her to start the fire. I was focused on finding out what tools and tinders would be the easiest for her to use and so I did not want to waste her good will by having her tramp around looking for wood. As it turns out, my focus was misplaced.

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Ukraine Is Using Guided Rockets With More Range Than HIMARS-Launched Ones

Russia’s Latest Output Cut Shows Its Oil Weapon Is Weakening

Argentina’s Power Restored After Blackout Plunged Half Of Country Into Darkness

CTP assesses with moderate confidence that the Iranian regime is tolerating a country-wide, coordinated campaign to poison Iranian school girls.

“Mortgage Rates Now Back Above 7%”

Colon cancer surges among people younger than 55

I thought this headline was from the Bee but I was wrong: Roald Dahl books were neutered by woke consultants aged eight to 30 – led by ‘non-binary, asexual, polyamorous relationship anarchist who is on the autism spectrum’

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Coming soon to a country near you? ‘Stockpile food and water’: South Africa faces ‘civil war’ conditions if power grid collapses As Adam Smith said, “there is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” More depressing stuff along these same lines in this twitter thread.

Related to the above. The Build-Nothing Country

Rice and sugar seem to have launched a competition in Cuba to see which increases the most in price on the informal market. While rice already exceeds 200 pesos ($8.30) a pound in several areas of the Island, sugar, once the national emblem, is on its heels and also sells for around that number and, in some provinces, even exceeds it.

South Korea’s current fertility per woman, for example, is a dismal 0.81, and those are extinction-level numbers. At that rate of reproduction, for every 1 million Koreans of childbearing age today, there will only be 66,000 great-grandchildren. South Korea is on track to disappear in less than a century.

Roald Dahl ebooks ‘force censored versions on readers’ despite backlash

Are We Medicating Millions of ADHD Children without Scientific Justification?

Gov. Newsom Finally Ending California’s COVID State of Emergency After Three Years

ChatGPT and Whisper APIs debut, allowing devs to integrate them into apps

At least 36 people died in the collision of a freight train and a passenger train carrying hundreds of people and in the ensuing fire near the Greek city of Larissa late Tuesday. More than 80 people were injured, according to Greek authorities. The accident prompted the resignation of Greece’s transport minister.

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Drone Tour Of Bakhmut Shows Brutal Devastation

Concerns grow that the breakaway pro-Russian republic of Transnistria could be the next regional flashpoint.

Zelensky fires a top Ukrainian military commander, no reason given

Pharmaceutical blockbusters: the past, present, and future(?)

Japan moves toward approving abortion pill in major shift

The Premature Use Of Mechanical Ventilation in the First Wave of the Covid Pandemic

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Ukraine’s Never-Ending Day

China has doubts on ability to invade Taiwan, CIA chief says

“We Are Looking to Kill Trump”: Iran’s Islamic Guard Commander Admits Regime’s Plans to Assassinate Trump, Pompeo

Time running out to save Istanbul from major earthquake

As I mentioned earlier, the way he would essentially do this is he would openly tout the donations he made to Democratic Party causes to Democratic Party entities like state parties and Democratic politicians and all kinds of left liberal activist causes but then he would hide the donations he was making to Republicans because, as he himself said, in an interview he gave, once it was clear that he was about to be extradited, everybody knows that the way you curry media’s favor is by showing them that you’re a Democrat.

Want to know what a “baby bust” looks like? It looks like this in the United States, with a sharp divide between the Baby Boomers and what came after.

New Biden ‘efficiency’ rule would ban half of gas stoves on the U.S. market

France was once Europe’s superpower, thanks above all to its enormous population. Its decline coincided with a collapse in its birth rate – now we know why.

Too little salt could be risky for heart failure patients

University of South Australia researchers are calling for exercise to be a mainstay approach for managing depression as a new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counseling or the leading medications.

Improving how credit cards work under the covers