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Despite What You Have Read, Wildfires are NOT on the Rise

Russia Tells Lithuania: Your Citizens Will Feel the Pain Over Kaliningrad

Israel will be entering its fifth election in 3 and a half years

In a historically embarrassing decision, the FDA recently became the only international regulatory body to authorize the use of mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer for children aged six months to five years.

They highlighted the role of policy decisions in draining Lake Powell, in a paper aptly titled, “It’s Hard to Fill a Bathtub When the Drain is Wide Open.” That is precisely what has happened at Lake Powell, yet the report has been largely ignored. It should be required reading for everyone concerned about the Colorado River.

A little more than one week after the U.S. Supreme Court announced in Egbert v. Boule that federal police engaged in immigration-related work cannot be sued when they violate the Constitution—regardless of when, where or how egregiously they act—the Court has now signaled that all federal police are above the law. Since January 2022, the Court has held a pair of cases filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ), challenging the grant of absolute immunity to federal police engaged in domestic policing. This morning, the Court declined to hear both petitions, leaving victims of constitutional abuse without a remedy in American courts.

The bill would give the medical board the authority to punish any physicians who challenge the safety and efficacy of covid vaccines.

New York state officials are giving companion robots to more than 800 senior citizens to help combat loneliness

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Lithuania Blocks Transit of Russian Goods to Kaliningrad

Single brain scan can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Typical U.S. Asking Rent Surpassed $2,000 for First Time in May

France has plunged itself into a prolonged political crisis.

Humans Can Learn to ‘Echolocate’ in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows

“Sure” comments on this post are interesting. The original post was about MBA (who cares about that) but commenter “Sure” is a doctor and so he is focused on the medical field (he is one of the best MR commentators and should have his own blog).

Mad Max in real life.

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The Return of Industrial Warfare

Over one-third of all flights at LaGuardia Airport canceled Thursday

Our Powerful, Shiny New Space Telescope Got Its First Upsetting Ding

Another Mystery Disease Is Spreading Amid North Korea’s COVID Outbreak

New Zealand’s plan to tax cow and sheep burps

China launches third aircraft carrier, the Fujian

I will be grumpy when this happens to New York State. Teachers unable to get paychecks. Tax and customs systems paralyzed. Health officials unable to access medical records or track the spread of COVID-19. A country’s president declaring war against foreign hackers saying they want to overthrow the government.

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Just as Putin has done, the Chinese president has signed a directive allowing a “special military operation” instead of a war

Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

Happy the Elephant is not a human, according to N.Y. Court of Appeals. But has a legal precedent been set for cases on behalf of nonhuman animals?

“They’re Afraid Prices Will Skyrocket” U.S. Fears EU Tanker Insurance Ban

There’s more at stake in the spat between Spain and Algeria than renewed wrangling over migration policy. In the European Union, concern is mounting that the bilateral dispute might provoke a gas supply crisis on its southern periphery. And this at a time, when the EU is desperately exploring alternative gas resources to cut its huge dependency on supplies from Russia.

“It now appears that Argentina’s opportunity to fill the gap left by Ukraine is slipping away as the export quota has been reduced by 31% and the 2022/23 wheat harvest is likely to be the worst in 12 years,” says Niels Rasmussen, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO.

The Biden administration’s Securities and Exchange Commission is suing the city of Rochester, New York, contending that “rampant overspending on teacher salaries” plunged the Rochester school district into “extreme financial distress,” misleading investors who bought municipal bonds.

Read the comments for an idea of how the rank and file feel. The difficulties in hiring and retaining wildland firefighters which has resulted in one-third of the Forest Service firefighter positions in California being unfilled, may not be restricted to just those who directly battle the flames.

USA TODAY removed 23 stories from website, other platforms following audit of reporter’s work

Tunisia grinds to a halt as unions challenge president

Australian Energy Market Operator suspends spot market for wholesale electricity to ensure reliability and avoid blackouts

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Russia Pulls Out All the Stops to Find Fresh Troops

Murder-suicides by pilots are vexing airlines as deaths mount

Sri Lanka government workers get Fridays off to grow food ahead of shortages

Chinese depositors left in dark as three local banks freeze deposits

Entire Sydney suburbs plunged into darkness as more power outages loom This is as JoNova has warned for a few weeks now.

Pakistan blackouts widen as energy crisis deepens, fuel prices soar

Wholesale Prices Rise Almost 11%, Setting Records

Intense helicopter footage shows why Yellowstone National Park just closed

The Incredible Persistence of the Myth of Masking

The Human Brain Runs Way Hotter Than We Ever Realized, Scientists Find

Libya Oil Production Plunges Amid Field Closures

Gazprom Reduces Gas Flows To Italy

Mortgage demand is now roughly half of what it was a year ago, as interest rates move even higher

Could you survive if Russian nukes started falling on your city?

I think a lot of people have a sort of false comfort when it comes to nuclear weapons from the anti-nuke crowd. The idea is that if they are used, we are all going to die and the world is going to end. In truth, the worst thing about nukes is that they can be used on a wide scale and you likely will not die. It is the not dying part that starts the real suffering.

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A real nasty dirty move. Henan Bank Depositors Hit With Red Health Codes

More than 14% of world’s population likely has (had) tick-borne Lyme disease

The Venezuelan crew of a cargo plane grounded outside Buenos Aires since last week may not leave Argentina, a judge ruled Tuesday after their hotel was raided in a probe into possible Iran terror links.

The funniest story you will read all week.

The US Treasury Department has extended a key waiver to its Russia sanctions allowing energy-related payments to continue until Dec. 5.

Not From the Onion: Space X and the FAA

Guyana Could Overtake Brazil As South America’s Top Oil Producer

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Interactive version of Rick Beato’s music theory book

Mass COVID-19 testing announced in Beijing amid ‘ferocious’ outbreak

Investors Must Seriously Consider The Collapse Of Europe As “Whatever It Takes” Doesn’t Work At 8% Inflation

Dow tumbles 876 points and stocks enter bear market on worries of drastic rate hikes

Monarch Butterflies Provide a Lesson About Climate Change Hysteria