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Remember all those highly educated Chinese who were going to crush us lazy Americans? Really it was a secret American plot to destroy China by exporting our ridiculous obsession with college education.

Air Force is determined to bankrupt the country. The jury may still be out on whether automated landing systems really work better. But it has already been proven that non-pilots can do a perfectly fine job piloting drones and yet the Air Force still insists on using expensively trained pilots.

Ground zero for the swine flu? Sounds like a lovely place.

Essay of the Week: 4/26/09-5/2/09

This documentary from the Guardian is worth watching provided you keep two things in mind. The first is that the documentary is from the Guardian with all that implies. The second is that the journalist is captive to a Sunni perspective and he does not even realize it.

No Shia would talk about how nobody in pre-invasion Iraq paid any attention to sectarian divides. To be sure, Shia and Sunni served together in the Iraqi army. But Shia did not serve in the elites unites that kept Saddam in power. It seems that the narrator’s fond memories of his childhood Iraq in part reflects the fact that he had a privileged Sunni upbringing (This is conjecture on our part based on his biography).

Having said that, the Sunni view point is important for the future of Iraq. I doubt that any Sunni in Iraq is feeling optimistic now that the Iraqi government is going after Sunni militias that fought for the Americans and the Americans seem inclined to leave and let God sort the whole mess out.

If you want other views on the documentary, here is the comment section of Abu Muqawama talking about the piece.