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Safety: Wound Care May Matter More Than Antibiotics

How much is enough?

Dark Energy: Was Einstein Right After All? A dumb article. But easy to read if you don’t know anything about “dark energy.” If you have not followed astronomy for any length of time, you might not get how big this gradual revolution is. But basically, astronomers are being forced to admit that they know next to nothing about the universe by some data points that they just can’t explain with theories that they were confident of 20 years ago.

Links for Today

Interesting quotes in this article…

“It is not even take it or leave it. It’s done. Ireland’s only role in this now is to implement the programme agreed with the EU, IMF and European Central Bank. Irish voters are not a party in this process, whatever they have been told,” said the diplomat.


“We have a hostage, it is called the euro,” he said. “The euro is insolvent. The only question is whether Ireland should be sacrificed to keep the Ponzi scheme going. We have to have a Plan B to the misnamed bailout, which is to go back to the Irish Punt.”

My money is on the later quote. Just how is the EU going to stop the Irish voters from changing the agreement. Invade Ireland?

“I Won’t Pay” movement grips debt-ridden Greece Did someone try to tell the people of Greece that they had no say? If not, they might want to start soon before all the agreements there fall apart as well.

Fears for UK infrastructure as copper thefts reach all-time high

How to write and how not to.