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D.A. Declines To Charge Two Teens In Robbery Of Asian Women

I suspect they were inspired by the French Officers. ‘Disturbing and reckless’: Retired brass spread election lie in attack on Biden, Democrats

Carjacking victims told to pay DC tickets racked up by the criminals who took their car

Hacked Colonial Pipeline restarts amid local fuel shortages

Once Colonial Pipeline’s sprawling system is back in full operation, it will take nearly 15 days to move gasoline sitting in the Houston refining hub to the fuel-starved U.S. East Coast.Transit times for gasoline to pass through Colonial’s network of pipelines that allow oil products to flow from the U.S. Gulf Coast, up to its North Carolina hub, and then on to New York Harbor, is 14 days and 16 hours, at a speed of about 5 miles per hour, according to the most recent schedule sent to shippers. Diesel and jet fuel, heavier and more dense products, need about 19 days to make the same trip that spans about 1,600 miles through the busiest pipeline system in America.

The Navy’s Knives Must Come Out

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DarkSide Ransomware Hit Colonial Pipeline—and Created an Unholy Mess

Heart disease and obesity driven by liver function – new study

China demographic crisis looms as population growth slips to slowest ever

The working-class revolt against Labour

Starting a Pandemic in Order to Prevent One

This is the second letter. French soldiers claim ‘civil war is brewing’ due to Emmanuel Macron’s handling of Islamism

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Pipeline shutdown could lead to price spikes, shortages — and problems for East Coast airports

‘Conspiracy is hard’: Inside the Trump administration’s secret plan to kill Qassem Soleimani

Research challenges decades-old understanding of how we hear sound

California’s New Math Framework Demands Educators ‘Teach Toward Social Justice’

Cuomo in More Hot Water as Investigation Widens to Include Using Vaccine for Political Gain

Big Tech’s Censors Come for Science

How science has been corrupted

Democrats hit crucial stretch as filibuster fight looms

Links For Today

Ransomware cyberattack shuts down major US pipeline, company says

Big Tech’s Monopoly Creep

‘It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit.’ Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl

Mexico City Is Sinking at an Alarming And Largely Unstoppable Rate, New Data Finds

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet

‘A dirty business’: how one drug is turning Syria into a narco-state

Full FDA Approval Of Pfizer’s Covid Shot Could Make Vaccine Mandates More Likely

With Blood Pressure, Lower Is Not Always Better

The economy surprises the “experts” – again

Links For Today

The Curious Case of China’s Feminist Eugenicists

Spike Protein Behavior

OSHA Imposes New Rule For Employer-Required COVID-19 Vaccines

After Netanyahu’s failure, Lapid tapped to form Israeli government

Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canada

Combined China and Russian Defense Spending Exceeds U.S. Defense Budget

A wider war coming to Myanmar

Kremlin: Russia is preparing to be disconnected from SWIFT

Poll: 25% want mask use until 2023, some ‘indefinitely’

Federal Judge Tosses National Eviction Moratorium