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Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters

Precisely because of such threats, according to his closest advisers, he wanted to have the Americans at his side. If Germany sent tanks, it would do so only if Washington agreed to send some of its own

China Lacks Natural Gas for Heating Homes During Cold Spell

Nightmare stories circulated, like the report of a pregnant woman who lost her baby due to draconian COVID regulations. She was left bleeding onto the sidewalk in the dead of winter outside a hospital in Xi’an, her child sentenced to death by her expired test result. This short “Help, they are coming to get me” video is relevant.

One of the world’s largest fertilizer companies warns that every country—even those in Europe—is facing a food crisis

Am I being bombastic? You tell me: given that the legislation that grants them the power to order a telecommunications service provider “to do or stop doing anything“.

Blockbuster claims in video of Pfizer executive — making mutant viruses, capturing official agencies

Chaos, violence and death: Peru’s perilous state

PA Gov. Josh Shapiro Removes Four-Year Degree Requirement ‘From 92% of Government Jobs’

60″ Corn Row Spacing

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“The M1’s turbine engine consumes a massive amount of fuel anytime the engine is running,” said the retired officer. “Which would be near continuously. An M-1 formation would require about 300 gallons every eight hours. Its fuel tank holds 500 gallons. Bottom line is that any formation company-sized or larger would require dedicated fuel trucks.”

U.S. Weapons Stockpiles “Uncomfortably Low” Due To Arms Shipments to Ukraine

On the grounds of creating a more welcoming environment for LGBTQ youth, State Senator Scott Wiener is making California a haven for human trafficking.

U.S. Natural Gas Prices Crash By 7%

Antibiotic resistance induced by the widespread use of… antidepressants?

The reality, however, is this: The congressional single-payer bill (HR 1976) contains the key components driving the implosion of the British health care system, including government budgeting, bureaucratic central planning, and reduced pay for doctors and nurses. Related: In December, as many as 500 patients per week were dying in Britain because of E.R. waits, according to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, a figure rivaling (and perhaps surpassing) the death toll from Covid-19.

Gov. Brian Kemp Declares State of Emergency to Deal With Atlanta’s Domestic Terrorists

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 25, 2023

Members of a Ukrainian armored unit fighting near Bakhmut describe the horrific situation at the frontline. They also explained why they need modern Western equipment.

Above all else, this large multi-domain exercise that includes a U.S. carrier strike group is aimed largely at Iran.

Overall, this was an AAA+++ auction and may well have been the strongest 5Y auction in history, and comes at a time when nobody – not a soul – in the bond market thinks that the Fed’s higher for longer is even remotely credible, and instead the record breaking demand indicates that it is only a matter of time before the Fed slashes rates and/or restarts monetization of the debt. And judging by today’s powerful rebound in stocks, they also got the memo.

Researchers look a dinosaur in its remarkably preserved face

Giant Wind Turbines Keep Mysteriously Falling Over. This Shouldn’t Be Happening.

League of Legends Source Code Hacked, Riot Refuses To Pay Blackmail

Earth’s inner core may have ‘paused’ its rotation and reversed, new study suggests

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 24, 2023

A reminder of what has happened in the past: While Williams’ exploits on November 18, 1952, were very clearly extraordinary, the delicate political position at the time meant that there would be very little fanfare. Since Moscow was not officially involved as a Korean War combatant, having a U.S. fighter jet shoot down Soviet fighters flying from a Soviet airbase, killing Soviet airmen in the process, was strictly taboo.

Pentagon Planning GOP House Speaker McCarthy Visit To Taiwan This Spring

Excess Deaths in Finland and Norway in 2022 Were Higher Than in Sweden in 2020

Seattle Is Running Out of Morgue Space Due to the Fentanyl Crisis

2022 is the only year with negative bond and stock yields.

Spotify cuts 6% of its workforce amid revenue crunch

As egg prices soar, the deadliest bird flu outbreak in US history drags on

Alaska and Pennsylvania Set New Record Series Low Unemployment rates in December

Former FBI Official Who Worked on Trump-Russia Probe ‘Charged With Violating U.S. Sanctions on Russia’

Today’s blacklisted American: Game publisher fires employee for expressing mildly conservative opinions

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Why Capturing The Small Town Of Kreminna Matters

China’s Xi Tells Border Troops To Be ‘Ready For Combat’ Amid Rising Tensions With India

Power outage plunges Pakistan into darkness

Netherlands To Shut Down Europe’s Largest Gas Field

What Can We Learn from Barnes & Noble’s Surprising Turnaround?

Many people are vaguely aware that financial institutions have a responsibility to Know Your Customer (KYC) and have anti-moneylaundering (AML) programs, but what do those actually mean?

The New York Times is publishing this stuff?

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French government plays down cost of strikes after huge turnout against pension reform “The interior ministry put the total number of protesters at 1.2 million – in what the government conceded was a large turnout.”

Most of this is pure speculation from Hezbolla’s English newspaper. But it is an interesting question. What prompted the urgent, secretive summit in Abu Dhabi?

The Domestic Terror Attacks You Haven’t Heard About

Linking just because it is so hard to find follow up stories on how things are working out over there. Sri Lanka has since shown some signs of progress with shortages reduced and day-to-day functions restored. However, daily power cuts continue due to the fuel shortage and the government is struggling to find money to pay government employees’ salaries and conduct other administrative functions. It announced this month it is cutting 6 percent from budgets for each ministry this year and plans to downsize its military, which had swelled to more than 200,000 personnel due to a long civil war. The government plans to cut the military’s size by nearly half by 2030.

The world has never been more vulnerable to a virus that focused on domesticated corn plants. Additionally, China is importing at times huge quantities of corn from the United States – the world’s biggest producer – in order to supply its massive livestock industry. In the U.S., corn is now making up 85 percent of primary cereal production, up from 62 percent in 1981. Another country with a prolific lifestock industry, Brazil, has seen an increase from 66 percent to 79 percent over the same time period.

Is the NHS the UK’s biggest problem?

Vox Media Lays Off About 130 Employees, 7% of Workforce

Most New Cars Are Now Being Purchased Under Sticker

What we know about how COVID-19 vaccines may affect menstrual cycles

A new super-strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to 5 antibiotics has been detected in US patients, health officials say