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Unraveling Havana Syndrome: New evidence links the GRU’s assassination Unit 29155 to mysterious attacks on Americans, at home and abroad

India Rescues Iranian Fishing Vessel Hijacked By Pirates Off Somalia

Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel

Erdogan and the AKP fared worse than opinion polls predicted due to soaring inflation, dissatisfied Islamist voters and, in Istanbul, Imamoglu’s appeal beyond the CHP’s secular base

U.S. natural gas producers are slashing production in response to multi-year low prices. But they are also looking beyond the current slump, preparing to turn on more output by flexible operation of their inventory of wells.

Birth Rates Are Plummeting in Most Nations, And The World Isn’t Prepared

Links For Today


Moscow attack signals broadening footprint of ISKP’s Central Asia contingent

Mystery Rise in Infection With 30% Fatality Rate Sweeps Japan

High Pressure Gas Pipeline Halts Salvage of MV Dali

Vegetables are losing their nutrients. Can the decline be reversed?

South Carolina has $1.8 billion but doesn’t know where the money came from or where it should go

NASA map shows where and when to see the total solar eclipse of April 2024, as the path of totality crosses the US

A look at the thought process behind “Links for Today”

When I originally started this website, I felt that just providing links with no commentary provided no value. When I felt that the commentary I was providing was worthless and I did not have time to improve on it, I let the blog die for awhile.

A chance comment that let me know that someone missed seeing my links to stuff he did not normally see on his own lead to reactivation of this blog as a link centric thing that it is now. It might be very low value added, but it is very low cost to me as well. It adds very little time cost to keep a window open and add links to it as I go about my reading. My main trouble is to remember to hit publish when I am all done.

But even though it is low cost, there is editing involved. I don’t post to a link to everything I read. I try to keep it to things that I think might have at least one or two people besides myself who would find it interesting. And I worry that having too many links will crowd out the ones that are really interesting and of value to other people. So I thought I would go over the thought process behind yesterday’s links for the day and see if my readers had any thoughts on what added value and what did not. Continue reading

Links For Today


Ukraine Situation Report: UK MoD Says Two More Russian Ships Were Hit In Missile Raid

Facts: Russian Refineries Targeted by Ukraine’s Drones

Number of injured in Moscow terrorist attack exceeds 380

St. Petersburg law enforcement conducting raids, deporting migrants en masse

This week’s announcement that the public deficit reached 5.5 percent in 2023, significantly more than the government’s 4.9 percent target, sent shock waves through the French establishment.

China has a big problem with super gonorrhea

Canadian Judge Approves Young Woman’s Medically Assisted Suicide Plans Due to Her Autism and ADHD

Looming Change to Repair Costs Drives Auto Industry Fight

California Proposes to Ban Diesel Trains and Has Asked EPA for a Waiver

Cows in Texas and Kansas test positive for highly pathogenic bird flu

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Half the processors made by Russian computer chipmaker Baikal Electronics are reportedly defective

Few tugboats were available for charter in the area and fewer still were willing to sail to the wreckage. At last, one was found — a vessel called Hercules that was docked in Somalia. Unluckily for the salvage operations, it was under US sanctions that cite its owners links to Iran. The owner of the True Confidence received special permission from the US Office of Foreign Asset Control on March 12 to use the Hercules in the salvage mission, owner True Confidence Shipping SA and operator Third January Maritime Ltd. said in a joint statement on March 21.

In ‘historic’ step, High Court orders halt to yeshiva funds for students eligible for draft


CBO Director Warns Of Debt Market Meltdown With US Debt On “Unprecedented” Trajectory

Hundreds Of Air Force Aircraft Risk Grounding Without Extra $1.5B Spare Parts Infusion

Vinyl records outsold CDs for the second year running

Links For Today

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More than 1,600 European planes hit by mystery GPS jamming with Russia feared responsible

‘It’s a prevention measure’ Why the Russian authorities shared graphic footage of the Moscow terrorism suspects being tortured

Death toll from Moscow terrorist attack surpasses 140

Pakistan: The Edge of Abyss

Two Of The Fastest U.S. Sealift Ships Trapped By Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Romanian mob is coming for your debit cards, with ATM-style skimmers now at self-checkouts

Nobody Told EV Owners How Quickly They Burn Through Tires

Rich NYC teens are getting fake ADHD diagnoses to win extra time on the SATs leading to huge surge in points: ‘Everyone is doing it’

New York City begins giving illegal immigrants prepaid debit cards as part of $53 million pilot program

Links For Today


Truck-to-truck worm could infect – and disrupt – entire US commercial fleet. The device that makes it possible is required in all American big rigs, and has poor security.

In two court orders, the federal government told Google to turn over information on anyone who viewed multiple YouTube videos and livestreams. Privacy experts say the orders are unconstitutional.

Baltimore Coal Exports Are Likely Blocked For Weeks

Baltimore Bridge Fallout to Extend Coast-to-Coast in Cargo Shift

Eli Lilly warns of shortage of insulin products

State Farm Cuts 72,000 California Home and Apartment Insurance Policies

Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say

WHO Warning of More Infectious Monkeypox Strain With Higher Fatality Rate

This team of “Squatter Hunters” uses squatting laws to reacquire homes for their owners because the authorities are useless

2,500 football fields of new solar panels destroyed by hail in Texas this week