Links For Today

Harrisburg is not going to make it. So what do they think they are gaining by trying?

I hear Microsoft is in the market for one of these. Seriously, one should always doubt Russian hype. On the other hand, this type of set up makes a lot sense for a lot of people. If the Russian don’t really have the goods, somebody will someday.

The next thing that is going to dominate the headlines. Its tough to install a shut of valve under water.

Another Earthquake.

Essay of the Week: 4/25/10-5/1/10

This week’s essay of the week is Peak Phosphorus.

“Peak” is a scare word that has been used many times in the past and there is not technical reason why the world should run out of Phosphorus. After all, the stuff is reusable.

Having said that, the problems laid out in this essay are very real and they could cause serious problems. So it is worth keeping an eye on the issue.