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How Blue Apron Became a Massive $2 Billion Disaster

This would be justice if true: Coronavirus may have started in Xinjiang’s prison camps Related: New Chinese study indicates novel coronavirus did not originate in Huanan seafood market

Coming soon to a country near you: Coronavirus: Italy towns in lockdown after COVID-19 deaths and Coronavirus: South Korea confirms huge rise in cases

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The sin of the Angels

The moment of truth is coming. Soon we will know first hand how bad this really is. First Italian dies of coronavirus as outbreak flares in north

Raise your hand if you knew that the US was bombing Somalia. Record breaking US airstrikes pushing al-Shabab fighters into urban areas

Turkey is working itself up for a war. Turkish Soldiers’ Deaths Ramp Up Tensions With Moscow

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U.S. Higher Education Has a Foreign Money Problem

This sentence explains why attempts to control health care costs invariable devolve into controlling the wages of health care providers. “As real incomes rise, the relative price of goods falls while the relative price of services increases. This is likely a consequence rich countries increasing productivity in goods substantially more rapidly than that of services” Don’t be fooled by the headlines. The biggest cost in health care is not drug prices (no matter how unreasonable they are) but labor costs. Cost savings in health care will invariable focus on controlling wages, substituting more low skilled labor, and generally ensuring less human to human interaction. If you don’t have time to read the longer essay linked above, this post gives you some excerpts.

Air Escape from Java

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Sharp spike in China’s coronavirus cases after change in diagnostic methods

Here’s what coronavirus does to the body

More Concerns About China’s Coronavirus Economic and Political Downside

Barrister says case is serious and toilet paper in current circumstances can be considered valuable

Justice is no longer blind. Investigations, charges, and even prison terms depend on the ideological views of the targets.