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The BBC, reporting on a meeting at the Royal Geographical Society, says that 140 million people in developing countries are drinking water with such high concentrations of arsenic as to constitute poisoning. Experts estimate that one out of ten people living in these areas will die of aresenic-induced ailments, particularly cancer.

The problem resulted from the well-intentioned efforts of aid agencies to steer communities in poor areas away from using surface water, which is often badly contaminated by bacteria, towards well-digging, not realizing the well water could have high levels of arsenic.

The Moravians

A little follow-up for those historically inclined.
In a previous post I wrote about the proto-protestants and Jan Hus as one of them. The followers of Jan Hus were initially called Hussites, but as time progressed there was strife and splits among them.
The Moravians were the result of such strife:

A contingent of Hus’s followers struck a […]

The Ariz Brothers

DampRabbit recently posted this amazing video of the Ariz Brothers’ acrobatic act. I don’t know where he gets all this historical footage, but I am grateful he is taking the time and effort to post them online for the rest of us.
The grand finale is just incredible.

This is why socialists are so popular…..

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The job cuts are part of a restructuring plan by EarthLink to reduce operating costs and boost efficiency. As part of the plan, EarthLink will also close offices Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and California. The company will move its remaining operations to its Atlanta, Ga. facility.

Now read this from later on in the same article…

The company also announced Tuesday its board of directors voted to authorize the purchase of an additional $200 million of its outstanding shares of common stock. EarthLink now has $270 million available to repurchase its stock.

This is rewarding sellers of Earthlink stock at the expense of those who hang on to their Earthlink stock. Given that Earthlink is already having a tough time of it, it would make more sense for them to hang on to the money. When credit gets tight, you want to have cash on hand.

The Geese, Part 2

Who knew those cute little goslings would grow up to produce all that poop?
Well, I did.
Who knew you’d have to shovel geese poop off your driveway as you tried to sell your house?
Someone else did.
Wild geese and suburban life don’t mix.
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Those Darn Geese

Remember those neighborhood geese I wrote about previously? They have made themselves unwelcome.
I have watched with some amusement as the neighborhood has soured to the geese. I wonder how many of the local residents saw where things were headed when the geese took up residence. I’m not surprised at how it has turned out, but […]