Links for today

The end of the tax free internet. You knew it was going to happen.

People are rushing to make fun of Stardock’s latest problems. They claim it is all because Stardock does not use copy protection. You would think that no company that had copy protection had ever had problems getting its multiplayer support off the ground before.

Vinyl Flooring Linked to Autism. I am a bit dubious myself. I have seen just about everything linked to autism. When a problem has been increasing in prevalence (like Autism has been), it is easy to fall into the trap of mistaking correlation for a causation.

Links for Today

An account of a successful American ambush in Afghanistan. Cometary from professionals can be found in the comment section here.

My question: What is up with using an F-15 to chase down a few fleeing men? I am starting to believing those people who are arguing that America is using air power indiscriminately. I can understand mistakes and collateral damage, but throwing a 500 pound bomb at every fool with a AK-47 seems counter productive.

More games from Citigroup. Somehow, we think we can construct a recovery on lies.

Suicides on the rise in India and Japan.

Spengler Outs Himself

In this article here, Spengler outs himself as David P. Goldman. That name has long been associated with Spengler, so this is not a huge shock to any one. Spengler might have been pushed into outing himself by this article here, but it seems that officially joining the staff of First Things had more to do with it. Scroll to the bottom of this article for First Things official announcement.