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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, October 20

Russian fighter jet ‘released missile’ near RAF plane due to malfunction, MPs hear

More to Ukraine’s recent grain export success than meets the eye

Health Officials Dumped Stocks in January 2020, Before COVID Was Declared an Emergency

San Francisco to Spend $1.7 Million to Build a Single Public Toilet

Oil prices climbed on Thursday morning as China signaled that it would ease its Covid policy, a policy that has destroyed domestic oil demand.

The great semiconductor drought may be about to break

Space Force briefing on military space race catches Jeff Bezos’ attention

If you are a mosquito magnet, there is not much you can do. “Mosquito magnets seem to remain mosquito magnets,” an expert at Florida University said.

Made me think of Grandpa: Coffee: Just as Healthy as Vegetables

told us that they supported our right to protest, but they refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued, and have turned off the heating. People in support can’t get out of the building

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