How nuclear weapons work

I did not learn anything from the below video but most of what I already to know about the effects nuclear weapons is in this report. So if you watch it and retain it, you will pretty much know as much as me about the effects of nuclear weapons for what that is worth (other areas of the video are a little weaker, at least compared to what I know).

I think the most important thing to learn from this video (if you don’t already know it) is why all your standard Covid PPE gear actually makes sense to use if faced with the fallout from the dreaded bomb. Keep this in mind when you are going through the boring (at least to me) physics at the start of the video. If you don’t have some understanding of that, you will not understand why a dust mask and some kind of eye protection is worth wearing if you have to deal with a post bomb environment. You will also not understand why it is fairly easy to guard yourself against significant portions of the radiation produced by the bomb. These things used to be discussed more but nowadays people only know radiation=panic.

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