North Korean News

The YouTube Clip below has been in the news a lot lately. If you have not seen it, you might want to watch it. It is the CIA’s explanation of the target that Israel destroyed in Syria awhile back. It publicly accuses North Korea and Syria of conspiring together to make atomic weapons.

In related news, The Times reports….

An airbase inside a mountain is the latest sign that North Korea, whose links to Syria’s nuclear programme came to light last week, is cranking up its military machine

North Korean military engineers are completing an underground runway beneath a mountain that can protect fighter aircraft from attack until they take off at high speed through the mouth of a tunnel.

The 6,000ft runway is a few minutes’ flying time from the tense front line where the Korean People’s Army faces soldiers from the United States and South Korea.

The project was identified by an air force defector from North Korea and captured on a satellite image by Google Earth, according to reports in the South Korean press last week.

It is one of three underground fighter bases among an elaborate subterranean military infrastructure built to withstand a “shock and awe” assault in the first moments of a war, the defector said.

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