Three Links to Brighten Your Day

The first link comes from Soma. Now before you click on the link a little context is in order. Soma advertise itself as the only English language Kurdish newspaper around. We shall have to take there word for it as we don’t really feel like fact checking that fact. According to the blogger over at Live a Life Worthy…..

On the back page of every paper, these two men have a chat about…well, everything. Their conversation rambles and jumps and rabbit-trails, never to return.

But we think that anyone who has ever followed a conversation in the Ethereal Land will have no trouble following the logic of conversation on the back page of Soma.

Our second link comes from Doctor Bob. Let us just say that some people should not self medicate.

Our third link does not really need to be read in its entirety. We are just brining it up because it articulates a philosophy that we share. Namely….

See, I can be reasonable. All I ask is that the bureaucrats paid to harass me and violate my privacy do it with a bit of irony, and I’m willing to play ball. Irony about the crappitude of the situation gets me in a good mood. Giving orders and pulling the loyal citizen BS gets me in a bad mood.

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