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US Strikes Unmanned Vessels And Cruise Missiles Near Yemen

Population of New York City is over 8 million just to put this in context. Israel’s population closing in on 10 million in 2024 demographic update

Former Dutch PM and his wife opt for euthanasia

Tidal Wave of Overcapacity Coming From China To The US and Europe.

Liberal paper’s Editorial Board unleashes astonishing broadside warning of ‘a dark moment’ as it runs back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president after damning special counsel report.

In each case, people were more satisfied when they felt like they were known rather than when they felt like they knew the other person, according to a series of experiments Schroeder carried out with co-author Ayelet Fishbach of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Defense Secretary Austin returns to hospital

A lone stingray mysteriously became pregnant in an aquarium. Scientists now think a male shark could be responsible.

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