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Ukraine Situation Report: Battle-Damaged HIMARS Return To United States

Why is Ukraine’s new top commander Oleksandr Syrskyi less popular than his predecessor?

Israel Rescues Two Hostages In Rafah

Israel need to sell record amount of bonds this year to fund war

Funding a War Chest: Hezbollah’s Strategic Position Bolstered by Global Crime

These fools would be smarter to let him into power and blame him for the problems. As it stands, they are going to break their country beyond repair. Pakistan’s old guard parties near deal to thwart Imran Khan

New York Might Adjust Sanctuary Laws Due to Increase of Illegal Crossings

While several aggregate measures of container shipping costs are now two-and-a-half to three times of their early December levels, prices along routes that typically go through the Suez Canal — particularly from Asia to Europe — have surged nearly five-fold. Costs from China to the U.S. have also more than doubled.

Ten years into my college teaching career, students stopped being able to read effectively.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the ever increasing numbers of young people who say they are lonely. The more common reason is to blame social media but inbuilt social network is disappearing or gone. Cousins are disappearing. Is this reshaping the experience of childhood?

The Invisible Defense: Gut Bacteria’s Surprising Role in Combating Flu and COVID-19

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