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Sri Lanka suspends non-essential fuel supply amid shortages

Growing Revolt Among Medical Practitioners Against Vaccinating Toddlers for Covid

Up to 40,000 Army National Guard soldiers across the country — or about 13% of the force — have not yet gotten the mandated COVID-19 vaccine, and as the deadline for shots looms, at least 14,000 of them have flatly refused and could be forced out of the service.
Supreme Court Sets Higher Bar for Prosecuting Doctors Who Prescribe Opioids for Pain

“Silent” Mutations Might Require “Re-examination of Numerous Biological Conclusions”

Russia Defaults On Foreign Debt For The First Time In 104 Years

Shortages of Neon, Other Rare Gases Likely in Wake of Russia Limiting Exports. Semiconductor chip shortage likely to follow in its wake.


Troubling calls for Clarence Thomas’ assassination spread across social media after Roe reversed

“We were given a stark choice: either withdraw from ongoing representations or withdraw from the firm,” Clement said in a statement. “Anyone who knows us and our views regarding professional responsibility and client loyalty knows there was only one course open to us: We could not abandon ongoing representations just because a client’s position is unpopular in some circles.”

Biden administration quietly erasing immigration court caseload: ‘De facto amnesty’

Early Thursday, the FDA announced an order for Juul, the popular vape company, to pull all of its products from US markets.

Sudan says troops from neighboring Ethiopia executed seven Sudanese soldiers and one of its civilians, putting the bodies on public show. Relations between the two neighbors have soured over a border dispute.

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Lefties want to burn down the homes of the “defenseless” country boys now

The leak, the threats, the violence — reaction to Roe is dark day for nation

One reason why I don’t put money in an IRA. Why we must nationalize Big Oil

A ‘Great Purge’ is pushing small truckers out of business at an unprecedented rate

On the economic performance of different periods of antiquity

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Poliovirus may be spreading in London; virus detected in sewage for months

A Large-Scale Experiment Used Human Pee to Fertilize Crops. Here’s What Happened

China officials who abused health codes to stop bank protests punished

Sri Lankan prime minister says that the nation’s economy has collapsed

How Should Courts Evaluate Gun Regulations After Bruen?

Germany can last 2.5 months without Russian gas, official says

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RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT, JUNE 22 Of note: Ukrainian forces have largely halted the use of Turkish Bayraktar drones, which were used to great effect earlier in the war, due to improvements in Russian air-defense capabilities. I would have thought it would be this way right from the very beginning.

China Faces Power Shortage As Heatwave Pushes Demand To Record

American Airlines ends service in these three cities due to pilot shortage

Sri Lanka’s Crisis Cripples Once Burgeoning Middle Class

Uvalde Updates

Kazakhstan Speaks Out Against Russia Over Ukraine War

Sales of existing homes in May dropped 3.4% to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 5.41 million units, according to the National Association of Realtors.

“When the war broke out, Assad wanted to keep Saydnaya and the Christians on his side no matter what.” So, he gave the gang members a free hand to prey on other businessmen, like the ones who had fled from the prosperous suburbs of Damascus.

Typhoid-causing bacteria have become more resistant to essential antibiotics, spreading widely over past 30 years

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Lithuania Blocks Transit of Russian Goods to Kaliningrad

Single brain scan can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Typical U.S. Asking Rent Surpassed $2,000 for First Time in May

France has plunged itself into a prolonged political crisis.

Humans Can Learn to ‘Echolocate’ in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows

“Sure” comments on this post are interesting. The original post was about MBA (who cares about that) but commenter “Sure” is a doctor and so he is focused on the medical field (he is one of the best MR commentators and should have his own blog).

Mad Max in real life.

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The World’s Most Taboo Legal Case

Sri Lankan government announces shut-down of offices and schools from next week

As Po dries up, Italy’s food and energy supplies are at risk

So intense was the EU’s involvement in Northern Ireland – a part of a non-member state, remember – that it has imposed 4,000 new laws there over the past 18 months.

The Klan Was Never This Effective

I am a butcher and you may not believe me, but sometimes I don’t eat meat for a week,” he added. “Everything has gone up in price.”

Germany to fire up coal plants as Russia turns down the gas

China’s property troubles have pushed one debt indicator above levels seen in the financial crisis

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The Criminal Order Beneath the ‘Chaos’ of San Francisco’s Tenderloin

The Trains Keep Running Despite the War

Extreme heat and humidity kill thousands of cattle in Kansas

‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz. ‘We are going to go into a really fast recession.’

Coldest start to winter in decades for eastern Australia with power grid under strain

Italy May Declare State Of Alert If Russian Gas Cuts Persist

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Just as Putin has done, the Chinese president has signed a directive allowing a “special military operation” instead of a war

Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

Happy the Elephant is not a human, according to N.Y. Court of Appeals. But has a legal precedent been set for cases on behalf of nonhuman animals?

“They’re Afraid Prices Will Skyrocket” U.S. Fears EU Tanker Insurance Ban

There’s more at stake in the spat between Spain and Algeria than renewed wrangling over migration policy. In the European Union, concern is mounting that the bilateral dispute might provoke a gas supply crisis on its southern periphery. And this at a time, when the EU is desperately exploring alternative gas resources to cut its huge dependency on supplies from Russia.

“It now appears that Argentina’s opportunity to fill the gap left by Ukraine is slipping away as the export quota has been reduced by 31% and the 2022/23 wheat harvest is likely to be the worst in 12 years,” says Niels Rasmussen, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO.

The Biden administration’s Securities and Exchange Commission is suing the city of Rochester, New York, contending that “rampant overspending on teacher salaries” plunged the Rochester school district into “extreme financial distress,” misleading investors who bought municipal bonds.

Read the comments for an idea of how the rank and file feel. The difficulties in hiring and retaining wildland firefighters which has resulted in one-third of the Forest Service firefighter positions in California being unfilled, may not be restricted to just those who directly battle the flames.

USA TODAY removed 23 stories from website, other platforms following audit of reporter’s work

Tunisia grinds to a halt as unions challenge president

Australian Energy Market Operator suspends spot market for wholesale electricity to ensure reliability and avoid blackouts

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Russia Pulls Out All the Stops to Find Fresh Troops

Murder-suicides by pilots are vexing airlines as deaths mount

Sri Lanka government workers get Fridays off to grow food ahead of shortages

Chinese depositors left in dark as three local banks freeze deposits

Entire Sydney suburbs plunged into darkness as more power outages loom This is as JoNova has warned for a few weeks now.

Pakistan blackouts widen as energy crisis deepens, fuel prices soar

Wholesale Prices Rise Almost 11%, Setting Records

Intense helicopter footage shows why Yellowstone National Park just closed

The Incredible Persistence of the Myth of Masking

The Human Brain Runs Way Hotter Than We Ever Realized, Scientists Find

Libya Oil Production Plunges Amid Field Closures

Gazprom Reduces Gas Flows To Italy

Mortgage demand is now roughly half of what it was a year ago, as interest rates move even higher

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A real nasty dirty move. Henan Bank Depositors Hit With Red Health Codes

More than 14% of world’s population likely has (had) tick-borne Lyme disease

The Venezuelan crew of a cargo plane grounded outside Buenos Aires since last week may not leave Argentina, a judge ruled Tuesday after their hotel was raided in a probe into possible Iran terror links.

The funniest story you will read all week.

The US Treasury Department has extended a key waiver to its Russia sanctions allowing energy-related payments to continue until Dec. 5.

Not From the Onion: Space X and the FAA

Guyana Could Overtake Brazil As South America’s Top Oil Producer