Is this funny or sad?

From the comment section at Calculated Risk….

You know what cracks me up though (just a final word on FL vs. NY?) Forbes just listed Binghamton N.Y. as one of America’s hottest RE markets. Oh man I can’t get over THAT one.

It’s “hot” only because you won’t lose your shirt on a house you bought there last year…!

Since “Dale” is someone who is unknown to me, I had to check this out. I could not find the Forbes article that he mentioned online, but I did find this article that seems to back up his claim. It mentions a Forbes article and it shows that prices in Binghamton have gone up almost 20 percent since last year. That puts Binghamton in second place (just under Salt Lake City) in terms of real estate appreciation over the last year.

Who would have ever thought that Binghamton’s real estate market would one day do better then almost every where else in the country?

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