Rabbits are scary and snakes climb pine trees

I knew that snakes climbed trees in warmer climates. But I never thought I would see a snake climb up into a pine tree. And I never thought that a snake would do that just to get away from a rabbit.

2 thoughts on “Rabbits are scary and snakes climb pine trees

  1. I was told from childhood that snakes didn’t climb PineTrees because of the turpentine from the tree would burn the belly or skin (elsewhere)&

  2. I scared a sleeping rabbit to shoot it once, and it just fell over dead. Sorry, but it still makes me laugh today ! Older men often said that you must awaken the rabbit first or it will ruin the taste of the meat. Sooooo, I poked it with my gramps 12 gauge and yelt Boo at the same time .The rabbit fell over. It scared us so bad we ran off and left the rabbit.

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