Can you imagine what would happen if Israel used poison gas to kill Arabs?

From Spiegel…..

He is the foreman of a working party and has been digging for the past eight months. During that time two of his friends died underground. One was electrocuted, the other was killed when the Egyptians released poison gas into his tunnel. Mohammed was there when the gas canisters burst. “We heard the explosion and crawled back as fast as we could. Imad was behind us, the gas got him.” He says a short prayer, and also includes the two men who died last night.

A little throw away line in a Spiegel article. Who cares if Arabs use poison gas to kill Arabs?

That is the problems with the critics of Israel. If they actually believed what they said they believed and they actually fought for it, they might be a force for good in the world. Instead, they have one standard for Israel, and another for the rest of the world.

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