Only 10?

From the Washington Post……

Indian officials said Saturday that they had killed or captured 10 gunmen responsible for the three-day assault on India’s financial and cultural capital. Nearly 200 people died in the attacks that began Wednesday.

Everybody is saying that their were only 10 attackers in total. I can hardly believe it. Only 10 men to take down a city of 18 to 19 million people. It makes it hard to understand why the Indians took so long to get everything under control. I mean granted, they needed time to bring troops into the city. But 3 days to take care of 10 men?

Of course, some British officials are defending the Indian response. But in the process they invite the whole world to try the same thing in Great BritainFrom the Telegraph…..

“It was always the doomsday scenario which Peter Clarke and I both recognised as the most challenging. In the early stages of such an attack there would a lot of death and chaos. Our unarmed police would be able to do very little except report in. There would be many hours of chaos before the police, backed by the military counter-terrorist response teams were in a position to contain, let alone neutralise, the terrorist threats.”

The former officer added that British armed response teams are not as numerous, well trained or equipped as they should be to deal with a fast moving and violent a scenario as that which occurred in Mumbai.

I guess the bottom line is that a government that expects its police force to hand out flip flops and give out safe sex advice can not expect those same policemen to handle a real crisis.

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