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At the college that I went to, most of the faculty had a very progressive, liberal, fault-finding perspective. Most of the students, too. And those that didn’t were generally arrogant and self-assured about the benefits of conservative self-centered self-help.

Now you can go to college on YouTube.

Some of this criticism is spot on. Some of it is ludicrous. Does this commentator honestly believe that all transactions everywhere are always mutually beneficial? Anyone who does not have an MBA and has worked a few jobs should know better. Exploitation is real. Capitalism does a lot better with the “worst form of commerce, except for the alternatives” line of defense than it does with the “does no harm” line of defense.

There are other such things in the commentary to complain about; other blind assertions, fiat declarations of universal rules and benefits, and so forth.

But you know what? The drivel being commented on doesn’t actually deserve better.

I was going to recommend the commentary for any kids young enough not to have experience seeing through liberal hate speech, but I am not sure I know any kids that are both capable of understanding the more complex words and sentences used and also not capable of understanding the inadequacy of the woman’s presentation. So now I am just posting it so you can get disgusted. Enjoy.

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