3 thoughts on “Links For Today

  1. Sir–

    Firstly, your second two links link to the same article, which is disgusting, but I don’t think very mysterious.

    Secondly, even understanding as I do your shortness of time, I wish you’d give more explanation than a single word. It’s fine the first time you are reading, but anytime you want to go back and find that “interesting” article, you discover there are approximately 367 “interesting” articles, with no other descriptives. Is it too much to ask that you at least say “Interesting: Cancer” or “Scary: Antibiotics” or “Disgusting: New Law”, so that one can find the scary or disgusting article they were looking for?

  2. The second link was supposed to be different.

    But it is lost to us now.

    Your second point is something I shall have to keep in mind. I don’t usually think about people trying to go back and find the links afterward.

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